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‘Reply 1988’ OST sweeps music charts

  • Published : Nov 29, 2015 - 18:31
  • Updated : Nov 29, 2015 - 18:31

TvN drama “Reply 1988” is experience unprecedented success, surpassing viewership numbers for the previous installments. Apart from the popularity of the TV drama itself, its original songs have also been sweeping the online music charts over the past few weeks.

1. Oh Hyuk’s “A Little Girl”

Oh Hyuk’s “A Little Girl” is a remake of the original song of the same name released by veteran singer Lee Moon-se in 1985. Lyrical music combined with Lee’s attractive vocals impressed a lot of young adults back then, too.
Oh Hyuk sings 2015’s version of the song, garnering a lot of fans’ compliments for his baritone vocal.

2. Lee Juck’s “Don’t Worry”

Lee Juck’s “Don’t Worry” is also a remake of the original song of the same name, this one released by Jhun In-keun in 2004.
Lee Juck’s version of “Don’t Worry” focuses on bringing out 1980s sentiments with an acoustic melody using guitar and percussion.

3. Kim Feel’s “Youth,” featuring Kim Chang-wan

“Youth” is a song originally released by South Korean rock band Sanulrim in 1981.
Kim Chang-wan, an original member of Sanulrim, participated in the remake of the song by Kim Feel, lending authenticity to the tune.

4. Park Bo-ram’s “Hyehwa-dong”

“Hyehwa-dong” was first released by Zoo in 1988. Park Bo-ram’s version of the song was released Friday, becoming an instant hit on online music charts.

By Lee Hye-won (hyewonlee@heraldcorp.com)

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