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50 facts about Jimin of BTS

  • Published : Feb 17, 2019 - 10:35
  • Updated : Feb 17, 2019 - 10:35


1. Park Ji-min was born on Oct. 13, 1995 in the Korean port city of Busan.

2. He is the dancer and main vocalist of the group.

3. Before his debut, Jimin had debated whether to go with “Baby J,” “Baby G” or “Young Kid” for his stage name, but he decided to stick with his real name: Jimin.

4. He attended the Busan High School of Arts, where he specialized in modern dance. A dance teacher at the high school suggested that he audition to become a K-pop star. Taking the advice, he was later accepted by Big Hit Entertainment as a trainee.


5. After becoming a trainee, he moved to Seoul and transferred to the Korean Arts High School, which V also attended; they were classmates.

6. When he first moved to Seoul, Jimin said he was self-conscious of his Busan accent.

7. Growing up, he wanted to become a singer or a policeman. “If I was less interested in singing, I would have become a policeman,” he said in an interview.

8. He was the final member to join BTS, with the shortest training period.

9. Singer Rain is Jimin’s role model. Although Jimin liked dancing from a young age, it was when he saw Rain’s performances that he wanted to perform onstage. Big Bang’s Taeyang is another role model.

10. Jimin used to dance the popping style in middle school.


11. Jimin is one of the hardest working members, according to his bandmates. He practices constantly every day when he has spare time.

12. His blood type is A

13. Three things he likes: Jungkook, performing and getting attention

14. Jimin has black belt in taekwondo.

15. His motto in life is “Do everything until I can’t.”

16. He thinks his personality is similar to that of RM and J-Hope.


17. Jimin thinks that his ability to smile with his eyes is his point of attraction.

18. He is 173 centimeters tall and weighs 60 kilograms.

19. The Hulk is his favorite Marvel superhero.

20. Black and blue are his favorite colors.

21. He has a habit of dancing whenever music is played.

22. Applying eyeliner is crucial for him; without eyeliner, he said he is unable to dance hip-hop or have strong expressions because he gets really shy.

23. He likes putting on accessories, like earrings, bracelets and rings. He has five piercings: two on the right, and three on the left.


24. Jimin cares a lot about his skin, as he is known to have glowing, flawless skin. Onboard a plane, he tries to drink as much water as possible. He thinks skin care is a form of self-care, and tries to clear his mind by cleansing his face after a performance.

25. Jimin’s favorite food is meat, fruits and any type of stew. He really likes kimchi as well.

26. Jimin flaunted a tattoo that says “Nevermind” on his ribcage. Fans are debating whether it’s real or fake.

27. Jimin has a brother who is two years younger than him. He said they are really close.

28. He likes watching action films

29. Jimin’s bucket list includes traveling, earning lots of money and being a good and devoted son.

30. Jimin appears to be good friends with Jimmy Fallon, whose name sounds similar. When Jimin released his first self-composed song “Promise,” Fallon congratulated him via Twitter, saying, “Ooooohhhhhhh my man JIMIN with a solo jam!!I love it. Congrats! Your brother, Chimmy.”

31. Jimin’s hands are considerably smaller than that of others, and BTS members occasionally tease him about it. His pinky is only half the length of V’s, with the latter having the biggest hands among BTS bandmates.


32. His fans affectionately call him “Jungkook’s Mom,” as he openly cares a lot about Jungkook, the youngest member of the group.

33. “Dragon Ball” was one of his favorite comics growing up. He enjoys going to comic book cafes in his free time.

34. Jimin’s roommate is J-Hope

35. Jimin’s Myers-Briggs personality type is ENFJ, which is caring, inspiring, motivational and empathetic.


36. He likes communicating with fans via social media. He posts frequently on BTS’ social media accounts, including updates on the bandmates’ daily lives and selfies.

37. Jimin’s parents previously owned a cafe in Busan that was often visited by fans.

38. Jimin said he is attracted to cute and kind women. He picked Rachel McAdams as his Hollywood crush.

39. Jimin had a puppy named Ddosoon, which has died.

40. He once wore women’s hanbok at a school festival and won first place in a contest.


41. Jimin’s favorite number is three.

42. He likes Taylor Swift’s “Never Grow Up,” Justin Bieber’s “Life is Worth Living,” and Taeyang’s “Only Look At Me.”

43. His nicknames include Jiminie, mocha, manggaeddeok (rice cake), chimchim and prince of Busan.

44. Jimin likes sunny weather with a cool breeze.

45. Jimin is happy when people compliment him on performances and songs.


46. Since his debut, Jimin has pulled off different hair colors, including blonde, silver, orange, pink, red and blue.

47. After concerts, Jimin likes to celebrate by eating delicious food with bandmates.

48. His goal in life is to become good at whatever he is doing and grow every day.

49. He can cook kimchi fried rice.

50. He likes spicy foods but can’t eat them well.

By Ahn Sung-mi (sahn@heraldcorp.com)

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