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BTS RM helps break stereotype against idol rappers: Tiger JK

  • Published : Nov 14, 2018 - 19:20
  • Updated : Nov 14, 2018 - 19:20


Tiger JK of Drunken Tiger talked about his special ties with BTS’ RM, who has lent his voice for one of the songs included in the hip-hop guru’s 20th anniversary album.

“RM and I met for the first time when I was promoting as a unit in Uijeongbu (in Gyeonggi Province). He often came by our place to talk about hip-hop, as RM was really passionate about the genre at that time,” said the legendary hip-hop artist during a press conference for his new album, “Rebirth of Tiger JK,” in Seoul on Wednesday.

The BTS rapper collaborated with Tiger JK for the track titled “Timeless,” which Tiger JK explained is one of the most original and unique numbers from his 30-track double album.


“RM was the first musician I reached out to for a collaboration. Together, we saw eye-to-eye that we should make a song that doesn’t get bound by chart rankings. We just did what we both wanted,” he said.

Even BTS’ hectic touring schedule couldn’t halt the pair’s avid discussion for the song, with the two continuously working on the track via email and phone. RM also offered advice on the overall album between concerts around the globe.

Tiger JK went on to confess he had held prejudices against idol rappers when he first received a phone call from Bang Si-hyuk, CEO of BTS’ agency Big Hit Entertainment, who frequently communicated with him for musical exchanges.

“Actually, I had prejudices against him when I first heard of him. But after talking about music with him, I realized that RM had his own color, knew how to share his own stories. His vocalization was also very outstanding,” Tiger JK recalled.

“RM’s attitude toward music, the way he writes lyrics and understands the song also reminded me of our old days as underground rappers. He is sincere, passionate and most of all, talented.”


Celebrating his 20th anniversary this year, he added that “Rebirth of Tiger JK,” his first full-length album as Drunken Tiger in nine years since releasing “Feel gHood Muzik: The 8th Wonder” in 2009, would be his last under the stage name.

Having debuted in 1999, Drunken Tiger originally consisted of Tiger JK and DJ Shine. DJ Shine left the group in 2005, after which Tiger JK continued to release new tracks under the name.

“I’ve sorted out those 30 songs out of 60 songs I’ve made for a year and a half. I feel really thankful for everything. I used to see only negative things, but I got more positive these days through this album,” he added.


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