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K-pop stars offer inspiration with words of wisdom

  • Published : Nov 13, 2018 - 16:09
  • Updated : Nov 13, 2018 - 16:09

When life gets hard and things fall apart, one of the best ways to navigate through one’s struggles is to rely on words of wisdom from others.

We often search for the right quotes from books or on the internet, but how about sharing some inspiring quotes from our beloved K-pop stars, who’ve been through their ups and downs just like any of us?

We’ve collected some insightful quotes from K-pop stars to help you restore positivity, confidence and balance.

1. RM of BTS


“Life is more beautiful knowing that we’ve taken a loan on death. Even light is treasured more when there’s darkness.”

“You can do it man, you can do it. Let’s be less lazy and work harder tomorrow. Let’s become me who loves myself. It’s important to love yourself, please, cherish yourself. Rest a bit, enjoy life, comfortably.”

“Maybe life is a procedure of realizing how things that looked trivial at first were actually most shining moments, rather than finding shiny things among trivial moments. We all are obsessed with results, even myself right now.”

2. Jinyoung of GOT7


“If short-lived resolutions continue, they become lifelong. Giving up is nothing bad, just give up and start over. So please don’t underestimate yourself no matter what happens and consider yourself as a valuable person.”

“If you look only at the current moment, it’s obviously difficult. But where you go next after this moment is a beautiful place. I’m sure you can overcome this.”

3. Dongwoo of Infinite


“Just like dawn is the brightest before it shines upon and water gets loudest right before boiling, maybe we cringe from struggles in order to jump and fly higher. Let’s enjoy everything.”

4. Key of SHINee


“If others keep bothering you about what you’re doing, don’t mind them and just say this one phrase: ‘I will take care of it by myself.’ And if you say so, you should show them with results. Otherwise, you’ll be mocked.”

5. Kai of EXO


“It’s a new year and we are starting from blank. Live each day as if drawing something on your blank white paper, and let’s check what kind of picture you’ve painted at the end of the year with me.”

6. Bobby of iKON


“When you are in the process of achieving your dreams, every second and minute of yours is valuable. And come over to us when you finally achieved your dreams. We will compliment you. We will tell you ‘good job’ and ‘well done.’ Cheers to your youth.”

7. Yang Yo-seob of Highlight


“Wouldn’t it be so sad if you get tied down by one mistake, which already happened, and let it mar other things you could have done better? That mistake belongs in the past. If you’ve learned at least one thing from it, then it’s fine.”


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