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5 K-pop rookie bands that look to BTS as role models

  • Published : Nov 1, 2018 - 10:18
  • Updated : Nov 1, 2018 - 10:18


When BTS debuted in 2013, the band members identified Big Bang as their role models.

Now the band that started from scratch as a team of passionate rookies has grown into the most successful K-pop act to date, and it’s paving the way for today’s up-and-coming artists.

Given that impressive feat, it’s no surprise that the BTS bandmates are role models and even heroes for younger K-pop artists.

Here are a few budding K-pop acts that truly regard the seven world-famous singers as idols.

1. D-Crunch


Having debuted in August, D-Crunch entrenched its image as a hip-hop act by showcasing its powerful performance and composing capabilities in its first single album, “O806.”

And the ambitious rookies didn’t hesitate to name BTS as their role models, citing the band’s hip-hop roots, composing skills and killer performances.


“BTS, which has become a worldwide group, initially debuted as a hip-hop band. … It was also impressive that (the band members) always do their best and enjoy performing onstage. We want to emulate BTS’ modesty and their unwavering passion,” the group said during its debut showcase event.

“We think of BTS whenever we’re out of energy.”

2. Lucente


Overflowing with hip-hop spirit, the rookie K-pop act Lucente debuted in September with its first EP, “The Big Deeper.”

During its debut showcase, U.Seong said he looked up to BTS, saying, “Each of the seven BTS members is very talented, and when they are together, that energy is overwhelming. I think we, as a seven-piece band like them, should imitate those virtues.”


Bao said he was a huge fan of V, and that he always took V’s part when covering BTS songs.

The group also said it had drawn inspiration from the way BTS communicated with its fans even before its debut.

3. Kim Dong-han


The former member of JBJ once said he used to study BTS performances when he was a trainee.

“I am a huge fan of BTS, my role model. Now that the band is a huge success around the world, I’d be content if we could be just a tiny bit like them,” Kim once said in an interview.


He also said he knew almost every dance move to every BTS song by heart, joking, “BTS, Please call me up whenever you need a backup dancer. I think I won’t have any problem dancing to your songs.”

Kim recently dropped his second EP, “D-Night.”

4. Noir


The nine-member act debuted in April with its first EP, “Twenty’s Noir.”


Siha said, “BTS is an amazing group that is successful in both performance and talent, which we aspire to.”

Yoonsung added, “We want to be a group that people keep thinking of. We hope to capture people’s hearts just like the lyrics of our single ‘Gangsta.’”

5. 14U


Having debuted in July last year with the single album “VVV,” Hero said he respects BTS for being an exemplary group that has received accolades from all over the world.

The 14-piece act recently released its third single, “N.E.W.S.”

Suga once said, “It feels weird that so many musicians are naming BTS as a role model, since we were also asked the same question a few year ago. Back when we were rookies, we also didn’t sleep well due to (too many worries piling up). But I just want to say that good days will come.”

Who knows? If they keep on working as hard as they do now, all those musicians could someday become breakout successes like BTS.


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