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[V Report Plus] GOT7 talks dorm nudity, drinking habits and more

  • Published : Oct 28, 2018 - 11:16
  • Updated : Oct 28, 2018 - 11:16

GOT7 sat down for a candid interview Dingo Music, a digital-only music channel. Read the funniest and most frank sections of the interview below:

Q: Yugyeom. You’re the group’s youngest. Have you ever felt like your bandmates are aging? Don’t be afraid to spill.

Yugyeom: I’m not afraid. Mark sleeps a lot, for no apparent reason.

Q: Yugyeom, is it true that you roam around the GOT7 dorm naked?

Yugyeom: Not totally naked. I have shorts on.

Q: Do you guys ever drink?

Youngjae: A lot. But only in our dorm.

Q: Only in your dorm? Never outside?

JB: We’ve been to a wine bar.

Q: Who has the highest tolerance?

Youngjae: One glass and the night is over for Jinyoung.

Q: What about the other members?

Youngjae: Mark stops drinking once his face turns all red and flushed. Jackson gets super hyper until he has to go home and sleep. Yugyeom says he’s going to the bathroom and he never comes back. Bam Bam is kind of a high maintenance drinker.

Q: Prince Bam Bam!

Youngjae: He doesn’t drink unless there’s perfect lighting and a nice mood. JB might say he’s not drunk but his face will tell you otherwise. Youngjae is the only survivor at GOT7’s drinking scene.

Q: Tell us about the composer of your lead track.

Mark: The composer of our lead track is someone really special.

Q: Why doesn’t the composer explain the lead track, “You Are,” himself?

JB: It’s a very happy song. It was difficult to choreograph.

Q: What about the other songs?

Jinyoung: This album is our 7th EP and our comeback in seven months. We wanted to show you guys that we are one, hence the title “7 for 7” and this is the first GOT7 album fronted by a song composed by one of our members. This is the first album that all of us participated in the production process. Which makes it extra special.

Q: Anything you want to tell fans?

Mark: Let’s stay together forever. But I’m hungry right now.

JB: Thanks for waiting for us and we’ll beat anything that comes out way together. We believe in you, iGOT7 (GOT7’s fandom name).

Watch the interview at https://www.vlive.tv/video/95769.

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