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V becomes first ‘complete stranger’ to buy paintings from Dallas artist, 65

  • Published : Oct 19, 2018 - 09:46
  • Updated : Oct 19, 2018 - 09:46


A heartwarming tale about BTS and a late-blooming artist from Dallas is yet more evidence of the K-pop boy band’s global influence.

The story, reported Tuesday by the US publication D Magazine, unfolded when the seven stars visited a local gallery in the Dallas neighborhood of Deep Ellum in September. They were in town for two consecutive sold-out performances at the Fort Worth Convention Center.

Looking around the gallery, V, whose hair was dyed bubblegum pink, bought two paintings for his new house -- the work of a 65-year-old artist named Marc Dominus. It was Dominus’ first art show.

“That night, not only did I sell a painting to a complete stranger,” the magazine quoted Dominus as saying. “I sold two paintings to a complete stranger. An extraordinarily famous stranger.”


Dominus, who had recently left the business world behind to focus on painting, sold the works to V for $450 apiece. The painter was aware of BTS, D Magazine reported, but had no idea how big the group was worldwide.

After Dominus shared a picture of BTS’ visit to the gallery on social media, fans flocked there to pose for photos with the paintings before they were shipped to V. Dominus then invited fans to check out his website and social media pages.



He also recently gave a special shout-out to BTS fans on Twitter, addressing the BTS Army with the message: “Thank you for the good wishes & interest you have expressed in my art. The world needs you. Shine bright!!”

Fans are now bombarding the artist with Twitter requests for replicas of the two paintings. Seems like the late-blooming artist is having the time of his life!


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