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Kim Myung-soo receives praise for role in 'Miss Hammurabi'

  • Published : Jul 19, 2018 - 17:39
  • Updated : Jul 19, 2018 - 17:39

Infinite’s L, who played the male protagonist in the TV drama “Miss Hammurabi,” was featured in the fashion magazine “Singles,” which released photos Thursday.

In an interview with the magazine, L, whose offstage name is Kim Myung-soo, said, “I received a lot of compliments for my recent TV drama work, but in my eyes I have a lot to improve on.”

He said it had been a great experience to focus on acting for five months.

“To explain it in a gaming way, I think ‘L’ is at a level to some degree but Kim Myung-soo as an actor has only just finished the game tutorial,” Kim said, adding that he wants to build up his acting ability.

Kim’s role in “Miss Hammurabi” was well-received, with online users praising his acting and saying he has established a good foundation for his acting career.

Kim held a two-day solo fan event without his Infinite co-members over the weekend.

This does not mean Kim will trade his life as a K-pop singer with that of an actor. “I really like singing, so I’ll make an effort to progress in all things,” Kim said.

By Kim Soo-bin, Intern reporter (soob@heraldcorp.com)