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Dreamcatcher wraps up ‘nightmare’ series with new EP

  • Published : May 10, 2018 - 18:08
  • Updated : May 10, 2018 - 18:08


Unlike many K-pop girl groups that promote princess-like images with their singsong voices, fledgling act Dreamcatcher has embraced a darker side. Its work has often been spooky, yet hauntingly beautiful, weaved into its “nightmare” concept. And the seven-piece act put a final dot on its dark “nightmare” series with new EP “Escape the Era” staying true to its dark nature.

“While our past songs have been themed around ‘nightmare,’ our new album is an album that puts an end mark to that project,” said JiU at a media showcase for the group’s “Escape the Era” EP in Seoul on Thursday.

Like all of Dreamcatcher’s singles, the new album’s lead track “You and I” features a distinct sonic style centered on metal rock, a rarity for K-pop girl groups which typically prefer bubblegum pop tones.

The raging up-tempo song’s use of dynamic instruments, with a hint of string orchestra, maximizes its richness, while the track’s highly stylized storyline and anime theme-song like melody adds to the song’s fantastical elements.

The corresponding choreography is as dynamic as the song itself, as the singers sleekly swing canes and wield scarfs.

“I had hurt my hand while practicing the cane move. I’ve put a lot of effort into our comeback, as I kept moving forward after bandaging my hand,” Dami said.

“We are not sure of what we will come up with after this album, but it will be about opening a new era after the ‘nightmare,’” JiU added.


Due to the act’s leanings toward metal rock styling reminiscent of a Japanese anime soundtrack, Dreamcatcher has often been dubbed the “dark version” of GFriend, a fellow K-pop girl group that pursues a similar sonic style and fantastical concept.

Asked about the group’s take on such a comparison, Yoohyeon said she’d like to cover GFriend’s hit “Glass Bead” in Dreamcatcher’s style, while her bandmates expressed wishes to collaborate with GFriend in the future.

The five-track album also includes “Mayday,” “One Star” and “Scar,” in which rapper Dami lent her pen in songwriting.


Having originally debuted under the group name MINX in 2014, it rebranded itself with the new Dreamcatcher moniker and released the “Nightmare” EP with lead track “Chase Me.” The girl group’s “Prequel” EP in July last year went to No. 5 on the World Albums chart in August. While the name may still be unfamiliar to local fans, the act has been building a wide international following.

Dreamcatcher became the first K-pop girl group to complete a tour of major European cities with stops in London, Lisbon, Madrid, Berlin and Paris in February.

“We have been so busy with world tours, the reason why we came back after nine months. But this time we hope to promote our songs more to our local fans,” JiU said.

Handong, from China, added that she hopes to perform on her home turf in the future.


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