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MBC police drama ‘Two Cops’ to feature Jo Jung-seok, Hyeri as cop, reporter

  • Published : Nov 24, 2017 - 17:35
  • Updated : Nov 24, 2017 - 17:35

Jo Jung-seok (left) and Hyeri speak to reporters at a press conference for “Two Cops” at MBC Headquarters in Mapo-gu, Seoul, Thursday. (MBC)

Comedy police drama “Two Cops,” starring Jo Jung-seok and Hyeri, is the first series broadcaster MBC will be airing after the end of a two-month strike by MBC union members that crippled the broadcaster’s programming.

The show, airing Mondays and Tuesdays at 10 p.m., mixes elements of fantasy with romantic comedy and police thriller, producer Oh Hyun-jong said at a press conference at MBC headquarters in Mapo-gu, Thursday.

“It will deliver a satisfying blow through a multi-genre drama,” he said. “It was a challenge to juggle the different genres. ... The show has been written to deliver both good fun and a message about our society.”

“Two Cops” revolves around “the collaborative investigation between a cop and a scam artist,” said Byeon Sang-soon, the show’s writer.

“It won’t feature the traditional way of achieving justice, but through an unusual way of solving cases, (the characters) get closer to justice.”

The show features Jo, 36, as the hotheaded, justice-seeking cop Cha Dong-tak, who mysteriously switches bodies with a criminal swindler from time to time.

“It has been extremely physically challenging,” said Jo on playing two versions of one character. “But as an actor the role felt like an opportunity that would not come again.”
Jo last starred in “Jealousy Incarnate” last year.

Hyeri, 23, stars as Song Ji-ahn, a fearless news reporter for the fictional TV station NBC, covering social affairs. Song has worked aggressively for her job and dreams of uncovering a groundbreaking exclusive story one day.

“It’s been a challenge. If I had tried to force something before, this time I’ve tried to melt into my role and blend in with the cast. I’m learning,” said the singer-turned-actress, who previously starred in the hit drama series “Reply 1988” last year.

The 32-episode series will begin airing next Monday.


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