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Netflix taps Kim Eun-hee to pen Korean zombie series 'Kingdom'

  • Published : Mar 6, 2017 - 11:27
  • Updated : Mar 6, 2017 - 11:27

Netflix announced Monday it has partnered with South Korean screenwriter Kim Eun-hee and director Kim Seong-hun to produce its second original Korean TV series titled "Kingdom."

The historical period drama is set in Korea's medieval Joseon period where a crown prince is sent on a suicide mission to investigate a mysterious outbreak, according to Netflix.

Kim Eun-hee, whose work "Signal" was one of the most critically acclaimed TV shows in 2016, has worked on the eight-episode "Kingdom," which is a zombie action thriller, since 2011.

"I wanted to write a story that reflects the fears and anxiety of modern times but explored through the lens of a romantic fascination of the historical Joseon period," said Kim.

Director Kim Seong-hun's latest success, "Tunnel," was a top five movie in the Korean box office last year. "Kingdom" will premiere exclusively on Netflix in 2018.

"Kingdom captured our imaginations from the moment we read the script with its visual feast of historical drama blended with supernatural fantasy," said Erik Barmack, vice president of international originals at Netflix.

Netflix has often partnered with big regional TV and movie names to produce original works. In Korea, it has invested $50 million in Bong Joon-ho's new movie "Okja" and is also currently bankrolling the production of its first Korean series "Love Alarm based on the webtoon of Chon Kye-young. (Yonhap)