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Stars speak out on Gangnam Station femicide

  • Published : May 19, 2016 - 17:34
  • Updated : May 19, 2016 - 17:34

Celebrities spoke up about a recent femicide case near Gangnam Station that occurred on Tuesday around midnight that has been grabbing headlines.

The case is presumed to be a femicide -- the violent, deliberate killing of a woman -- as the murderer waited an hour and a half in a unisex public toilet for a female target. When a 23-year-old woman walked in, the man stabbed her repeatedly with a knife. After being detained, the suspect told police he killed her because he “hated females for belittling him.”

As news spread across the nation, celebrities and public figures began to speak up about the terrible crime committed by the misogynist.

Kang Ye-won

(SM C&C)

“This is much too grave to be considered an individual issue. A woman was murdered and a man was the criminal. This is a social issue because anyone of us could have been the victim.”


(Jerry.K's Instagram)

“For men, this is something that can happen to their mother, daughter, girlfriend or wife. But for women, this could happen to ‘me.’ It (being a man) should be considered a privilege to be able to live without having to worry and be afraid. Rest in peace.”

Chansung of 2PM

(JYP Entertainment)

“Would this have happened if a man walked in? The motive that drove him was the fact that she was a female. The killing was not a crime of opportunity, it was his choice.”

Kim So-hyun


“The world is a scary place. I couldn‘t sleep a bit tonight. I wish for no more deaths. RIP.”


(Brand New Music)

“I am you. Your death equals my death.”

By Kim Ji-young (christinekim@heraldcorp.com)