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[V Report] Hyeri and "Entertainer" casts greet fans

  • Published : Apr 20, 2016 - 13:11
  • Updated : Apr 20, 2016 - 13:11

Broadcast date:
April 19
Starring: Hyeri and ‘Entertainer’ cast, Lee Hi, GOT7, Park Boram and more.

Hyeri and ‘Entertainer’ cast

"Entertainer" casts (Naver V app)

Singer-actress Hyeri from Girl’s Day popped up on V app Tuesday backstage on the sets of new drama ‘Entertainer,' in which she is one of the main casts.

The 22-year-old female lead opened the live show describing the atmosphere of the room, saying it was very busy. She burst out laughing when she became conscious of the attention of those around her while she was talking.

“Oppa (older male members) are watching me as I speak to you guys. Let’s meet them all together,” she said.

Three fellow actors appeared on the screen, including the male protagonist Ji Sung, and they all greeted fans.

“(As the casts surround me) they are like my bodyguards,” Hyeri said.

“The presentation starts in an hour. We are all very nervous,” said Kang Jin-hyeok from veteran boy band, CNBLUE.

"Entertainer" casts (Naver V app)

The new drama series is about a failed entertainment manager Shin Seok-ho, played by Ji-sung, finding talent to form a new idol group. It is expected to involve a romantic plot between Shin and Jung Geu-rin, played by Hyeri.

Ji-sung has several hit dramas to his credit, including “Kill me Heal me” in 2015.

“With your encouragement, the drama shoot has turned out well. Hope you all watch it tomorrow at 10 p.m.,” Hyeri added.

Lee Hi

Lee Hi (Naver V app)

Lee Hi showed up on V app live late Tuesday just before her full album release.

The new album, “My Star” that came out at midnight Tuesday is a sequel to her previous album “SOULITE,” which includes “Breathe” and “Hold My Hand,” that was released March 9.

She started the broadcast appreciating the encouraging comments from fans and had a question-answer session.

When asked if she had plans to hold a solo concert, she answered, “After all my work is done and if you guys want, I will. I will try my best to come up with good news soon.”

She said she was positive about appearing on variety shows, adding that she had already shot an episode of “Happy Together,” a popular talk show in Korea.

One of her fans wrote a comment saying it was their birthday the day after tomorrow, and she sang “Happy Birthday” with her R&B style vocal.

She also sang some parts of her songs released previously in March.

The singer first appeared in the audition show “K-Pop Star” in 2012.


GOT 7 (Naver V app)

Junior of boy group GOT7 tuned in to V app to greet fans before going onstage.

He greeted fans and Yu-gyeom came beside him asking the viewers “Are you in school?”

“Young-jae, Jackson, and JB’s here and JB is sleeping. I’m bored waiting for our turn (to perform),” Junior said.

As one of the viewers left a comment: “The whole class is watching the live show. We are studying for the mid-term exam,” Junior asked Yu-gyeom on his studying methods.

“I crammed for the exams and my friends helped me,” he answered.

“There are some saying I only studied the textbooks,” the 23-year-old Junior said and Yu-gyeom replied, “They are the ones who are really good.”

“Other members are playing slapping-on-the-arm game, whoa, they are slapping hard,” Junior said.


Park Boram (Naver V app)

Park Boram, a female vocalist went live on V app Tuesday in Sangam-dong, Seoul, two days before her comeback with her third single “Dynamic Love.”

“I’m sorry I am a little late. There must be fine dust in the air, my throat is sore, the 22-year-old singer said.
She makes her comeback Thursday.

B1A4 (Naver V app)

B1A4 came up on Tuesday’s V app lineup to greet fans and inform fans of the live “5story” show on Saturday at 9:30 p.m. to celebrate the 5th anniversary of their debut.

By Jo He-rim (herim@heraldcorp.com)

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