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[Full Transcript] Song Joong-ki interview Part ① ‘Descendants of the Sun’

  • Published : Apr 15, 2016 - 18:58
  • Updated : Apr 15, 2016 - 18:58

(Song Joong-ki, Blossom Entertainment)

"Descendants of the Sun" has come to an end, and so has Song Joong-ki's heart throbbing role as the dashing Army Captain Yoo Shi-jin. For the first time since the show's wrap, Song engaged an interview session on April 15 at the Grand Hyatt Seoul to talk about his life as an actor and a 31-year-old. Below is a full transcript of his hour-long interview, including responses for the questions previously asked by the Kpop Herald readers via email.

Q: What did you learn from your time on “Descendants of the Sun?” (Asked by Brenda Calaud, Meevie Love Toledo, Shirley Teo, Jeremie Nicolas, Aliya Orynbassarova, Victoria)

The TV drama provided a chance for me to realize that getting everyone involved and included is always a great idea. It was my lifelong belief and I tried to get every staff member and cast member engaged while filming “Descendants of the Sun.” I think it especially helped us at the worst times, such as filming in foreign countries.

Q: Were there any lines that were too cheesy to handle? (Asked by Diane Le)

Not really. Many people say that our screenwriter Kim Eun-sook‘s stories are often very cheesy but I think it’s a matter of how you see it. I do respect the opinions of those who believe so, but it wasn‘t anything like that for me. I’m also quite confident that even if the lines themselves are cheesy, I, as an actor, can make it look simply romantic.

Q: How would you compare Yoo Shi-jin and Song Joong-ki? (Asked by Patrisha Gener, Paul Hlasny, Harlene Sareno, Huyen, Aurora, Lena, Melly, Maine Mendiola, Grace, Rhea Valdez)

We do have one thing in common. Yoo Shi-jin likes to make jokes, and I do too. Even at this interview so far, I already made a few jokes. I think it really keeps me from getting nervous. On the set, I often make jokes to break the ice, but I make sure to not cross the line.

Q: What is a difference between Yoo Shi-jin and Song Joong-ki, especially in terms of romance? (Asked by Diana Lopera, Alma Aulia, Krystel Silva, Elizabeth Barillo, Veronica Wee, Katrina Lee)

The character Yoo Shi-jin certainly knows how to make ladies love him. I actually learned a lot about what kind of things to say when I want to satisfy a partner. The character that the writer created includes every little detail of an ideal man. But I sometimes wonder, is there anyone as perfect as Yoo?

(Song Joong-ki, Blossom Entertainment)

Q: You managed to pull off many action scenes, even after an injury. How was that possible? (Asked by Janicessa Tan, Shelia Mae Rui, Monica Lopez)

It wasn‘t easy for me at all. I learned a lot from the stuntmen on set by repeatedly asking them questions. I knew that I had to make the best efforts as I needed to improve. If I’m given another chance to do actions scenes in the future, I want to do a better job.

Q: While filming “Descendants of the Sun,” which actor or actress gave you the most help or inspiration? (Partly asked by Melina, Nywe Elton-Bott Kara Wynona, Endah Purwaningsih, Feri Novita, Nur Amizah Rozali, San San Hirando, Meevie Love Toledo, Daffa Nabillah, Kristoff de Guia)

First of all, veteran actor Kang Shin-il, because I really respect him as an actor. He sent a long message to me after we exchanged phone numbers, and it really touched me.
Also, I think Song Hye-kyo influenced me the most, as she spent the most time with me during the filming. She was always considerate of everyone around her and her behavior is a living proof of why she is such a great star. Actually, she filmed all the difficult scenes -- episodes in which Kang cries in sadness after Yoo’s death -- all at once when I was in bed due to the injury. It must have been really pressuring and difficult, but she volunteered to do it.
For Jin Goo, he is always very relaxed and I really want to be like him the next time I work with people who are less experienced than me.
Lastly, David McInnis was another actor that I‘m extremely thankful toward. I respect the attitude and passion he holds, even in a foreign country.

Q: Where did you watch the show? (Asked by Nadine Valencia)

A: I watched a few episodes at (variety show “Running Man” cast member Lee) Kwang-soo’s house, but mostly backstage while filming advertisements, as I was always on a tight schedule. Also, I tried to watch it with my life-long friends on purpose, because I was curious about their honest opinions.

By Kim Ji-young (christinekim@heraldcorp.com)

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