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Top 5 emerging millionaire celebrities

  • Published : Jan 26, 2016 - 18:24
  • Updated : Jan 26, 2016 - 18:24


The list of the soon-to-be richest Korean stars has been unveiled, and it’s quite different from what many may have expected.

On Jan. 25, tvN program “The List 2016” revealed their list for the emerging wealthy stars for 2016. The ranking is based on both yearly earnings of the celebrity and future earnings potential.

No. 5 Jessica

(Jessica's Instagram)

Ex-SNSD member Jessica came in at fifth on the list, stunning many of her fans.

After leaving K-pop group Girls’ Generation, Jessica challenged herself by stepping into the fashion industry. Luckily, the results were stunning. The Hong Kong-based fashion firm Blanc & Eclare swiftly spread across Asia, with a total of 46 stores.

As a result, Jessica has become a successful entrepreneur, reportedly earning 10 million won ($8,300) in just four hours at a Seoul pop-up store last year.

No. 4 Junsu

(Junsu's Twitter)

Junsu of JYJ has been chosen for the fourth spot of emerging wealthy K-pop stars.

Reportedly, Junsu possesses seven different supercars, including a Ferrari Italia and a blue Lamborghini Aventador. Moreover, he also owns a huge hotel on Jejudo Island.

As Junsu is drawing in money from both the K-pop and musical scene, his position on the list is expected to rise. One surprising fact is that he greatly values the concept of noblesse oblige, demonstrated through his charity and volunteer work.

No. 3 Hyeri

(Hyeri's Instagram)

Girl’s Day’s Hyeri recently won the title “CF Queen,” shooting more commercials than anyone in Korea.

According to local media outlets, Hyeri became a rising star starting from the program “Real Men,” and hit the big time with her latest TV drama “Reply 1988.” At present, she is starring in more than 15 commercials, raking in at least 400 million won for a six-month contract.

No. 2 Kim Soo-hyun

(Kim Soo-hyun's Instagram)

Kim Soo-hyun was certainly expected to appear on the list. In 2012, Kim earned 8 billion won just from modeling in advertisements.

However, this was just the beginning, as he soon became a hallyu star through TV drama “My Love From the Star.” Now, his yearly earnings are on the rise at a pace nearly impossible to estimate.

No. 1 Lee Kwang-soo

(Lee Kwang-soo's Instagram)

It may be unbelievable to some, as Lee Kwang-soo is considered quite comical. But regardless of his lighthearted image, he is seriously one of the highest-paid Korean celebrities abroad.

Due to the popularity of the TV series “Running Man” throughout Asia, Lee became a hallyu star in no time. Nicknamed “Asia Prince,” Lee has more than quadrupled his earnings, receiving about 1 billion won per commercial shoot from foreign companies.

By Kim Ji-young (christinekim@heraldcorp.com)

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