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Seoul mayor looks into why Kim Jun-su got snubbed at music awards

  • Published : Jan 15, 2016 - 11:40
  • Updated : Jan 15, 2016 - 11:40

Kim Junsu and Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon (Twitter)

Seoul Mayor Park Won-sun has told JYJ Kim Jun-su’s fans that he is looking into the controversy involving the artist not being invited to the Seoul Music Awards.

Park, who has some acquaintance with the singer, on Thursday wrote on his Twitter account that he is “currently looking into the problem” and that he “vividly remembers Kim from the musical ‘December.’”

His remark was in response to a Twitter user who mentioned the mayor in a post that read “There should be some explanation on why Kim was not invited for unfair reasons, even when he was voted the most popular artist of the year in a 47-day ‘paid voting.’”

Other fans also sent the mayor and the city’s official Twitter account similar messages as the event was sponsored by the Seoul city government.

As the controversy grew online, the mayor responded to the Twitter users, vowing to make Seoul a “fair society.”
It is being speculated that the JYJ member was not invited due to pressure from the SM Entertainment which had a legal dispute with JYJ, whose members were formerly SM’s TVXQ.

JYJ had been blocked from performing on Korean TV music shows since 2009, in part due to a contract dispute. It was rumored that the agency had “threatened” broadcasters to blacklist the members on TV in return for allowing SM artists to appear on their shows.


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