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JYP’s GOT7 debuts with ‘Girls Girls Girls’

  • Published : Jan 16, 2014 - 19:48
  • Updated : Jan 16, 2014 - 19:48

The seven members of JYP Entertainment’s new boy band GOT7 pose during the group’s debut showcase in Seongsu-dong, Seoul, Wednesday. JYP Entertainment

Park Jin-young, one of the nation’s most successful music producers, has officially launched his new boy band GOT7 under JYP Entertainment, with the group’s public debut at a garage showcase held in Seongsu-dong, Seoul, Wednesday.

Equipped with flips, tricks and stunts, the seven members of GOT7 ― leader JB and Jr., of the former JJ Project duo; Mark; Jackson; Bam Bam; Youngjae; and Yoogyeom ― took the stage with the group’s first lead single, “Girls Girls Girls.” The track was written and produced by JYP himself and has an electro-pop dance beat with a presumptuous hook, dropping lyrics such as “Even when I shake my body a little, even when I don’t do anything, girls, girls, girls they love me.”

“This showcase is our first official public appearance so we are very nervous, but we have been working really hard and I hope you guys enjoy our performance,” said leader JB. “We are really looking forward to our future.”

The official music video for “Girls Girls Girls” was also unveiled to the public on Wednesday and showed off the young group’s energetic and acrobatic dance choreography.

The band also released a number of singles from their upcoming debut EP, which is scheduled to be released on Jan. 20, including “I Like You” ― featuring an electronic sitar and Bollywood inspired beats ― and the single “Follow Me,” for which the members arranged the stage choreography on their own, they stated.

The new boy band members also range in nationality ― with Jackson from Hong Kong, Mark from the U.S. and Bam Bam from Thailand ― as JYPE aims to promote the boys on an international level.

GOT7 is JYPE’s first major idol boy band since the debut of 2PM six years ago. It is looking to make the new young generation of JYPE stand out through fresh, highflying b-boy- and martial arts-influenced dance moves. Coming a year after the debut of duo JJ Project, which since its launch has released only two singles to little fanfare, the duo has now joined the agency’s new idol group hoping for success as part of a seven-member group.

After last year’s announcement of the Wonder Girls’ hiatus and member Sohee’s decision to leave the group, JYPE has lagged behind in the K-pop world, especially compared to the agency’s biggest rivals SM and YG Entertainment, which have reaped tremendous success with the launch of new talents.

Representatives from JYPE have also announced plans to debut two more groups this year: the boy band 5Live as well as a six-member girl group currently in the making.

By Julie Jackson

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