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[V Report] BTS unlocks key to happiness

  • Published : Aug 5, 2020 - 11:53
  • Updated : Aug 5, 2020 - 11:53

Broadcast date: Aug. 4-5
Starring: BTS, NCT Dream, Twice, Woodz

(Naver's V Live)

BTS continued searching for “treasure” at Hyundai Motor Complex in Goyang, Gyeonggi Province in the 111th episode of “Run BTS!”

The members found a number of hidden boxes but all turned out to be void so they received a big hint that the car with the treasure has not been opened and a family is involved.

Agreeing with Suga that the dummies must be the “family,” the septet rushed to the room. They patted the dummies’ clothes for a clue but found nothing and started to move on but V confided that he actually came across a key hidden next to a dummy but kept it to himself.

“For a moment, I thought we were going against each other,” said V with an embarrassed grin.

They discovered that the smart key was for a huge cargo truck that had a box locked with a key. Figuring out the combination to the lock, however, was an individual competition. The septet searched for new set of clues in the sprawling studio and Jungkook was the first one to unlock the box. When he was given the prize -- “going home” -- his eyes went wide and a smile began to form but he was even more surprised that everyone else had already gone home.

Watch the full video at https://www.vlive.tv/video/205129.

NCT Dream's Jisung misses fans dearly

(Naver's V Live)

Jisung of NCT Dream sent fans into a frenzy when he showed his face, and some hair, in a solo livestream.

“I knew you would talk about hair,” he began.

Although some of his bandmates’ hair colors have been disclosed and viewers could get a peek at his brownish hair from under his baseball cap, their company is still keeping it under wraps officially, he explained, apologizing to fans.

“I’ve been doing ‘voice-only’ livestreams but today wanted to show my face even though I’m wearing a mask and a cap,” he said confessing that he did not want to wear a cap. The mask is partly to cover a skin breakout, he added.

“I miss you so much,” said the idol chuckling when some fans pleaded not to heed to the company’s guideline so well.

“I’m sorry but I don’t think I can give out any spoilers,” he said apologizing to viewers.

Watch the full clip at https://www.vlive.tv/video/206341.

Twice's Tzuyu wants to suprise fans with new hair color

(Naver's V Live)

Tzuyu of Twice took to V Live to chat with fans after dyeing her hair with new color for the band’s upcoming concert.

“I’m trying to keep my hair covered. I will present a prettier self with makeup and hair done when we hold the concert. Not yet,” she said with a smile pushing back stray hair back under her white hoodie.

“Even I haven’t seen (your hair) yet,” said Dahyun.

“Hi, Once!” Dahyun greeted their official fan community, adding apologetically, “Please understand that I’m staying out of the frame because I’m wearing my glasses.”

Lest fans could see a few strands, Tzuyu fastened the strings of her hoodie, making Dahyun laugh. Tzuyu chuckled when a fan commented that that makes it hard to tell who it is but the latter assured that their fans would recognize just by her voice.

“We’ll finally be able to meet you,” albeit online, said Tzuyu reminding viewers to tune in on Aug. 9.

Watch the full video at https://www.vlive.tv/video/206378.

Woodz invites fans to birthday party

(Naver's V Live)

Woodz celebrated his birthday with a cafe-themed broadcast on Naver’s V Live.

“I don’t know what I’m doing to be frank with you,” he said.

But at the viewers’ prodding, he poured a can of Sprite into a glass, put in a strawberry-flavored ice pop and stirred it until the water turned pinkish. He added a slice of lemon -- and voila! -- and the birthday boy’s “original” drink, worth 960 million won ($805,000) according to the menu, was done.

He tried a sip of it and was surprised that it actually tasted good.

After making a few more beverages with more Sprite and fizzy water, it was only a couple of minutes until his birthday and he walked over to a different room where the balloons spelled out “Happy Birthday” and an ocean-themed double-layer cake was waiting.

“Thank you so much,” he began quite solemnly but then the clock hit midnight and he shouted “It’s my birthday!”

Watch the full clip at https://www.vlive.tv/video/206273.

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