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[V Report] V of BTS tells fans to respect his personal space

  • Published : Dec 15, 2019 - 14:33
  • Updated : Dec 15, 2019 - 14:33

Broadcast dates: Dec. 14-15
Starring: BTS, Day6, Victon, The Boyz

V of BTS, whose real name is Kim Tae-hyung, went on V Live on his own Saturday night where he discussed a number of topics including being stalked on the plane.

The nearly 40-minute stream was business as usual as he jokingly said at the beginning that he’s not fun when he’s alone.

The singer, however struck a serious tone as he addressed fans who purposely book tickets to be on the same flight to be closer to the members of BTS -- invading the bandmates’ personal space.

“Honestly, I wish you would stop. I won’t say anymore,” he said before adding that he finds it “scary.”

Apart from the comments about stalking, things stayed relatively light-hearted throughout the broadcast, with his new hairdo garnering attention as V recently got himself a perm.

Viewers also asked him which food he’s into, to which he couldn’t answer and explained that the fact that he couldn’t think of something means he’s not thinking of food much.

The singer also played “Snowman” by Sia as the conversation started to flow. “People from all over the world are telling me to come and perform and I’ll promise I’ll go there,” he said as he read the comments in the chatroom.

During the broadcast, he also expressed his admiration for his father. As the relationship between the two are like a friendship, V said he would like to be a father like his in the future whose very close to his kids.

Wonpil shares his ‘pilaylist’ for Saturday night

Day6 member Wonpil became a DJ for fans as he shared his playlist dubbed “Pilaylist” for Saturday night.

His first choice was “Sweet Choice” by Harry Styles who recently released new music.

Wearing a hoodie and looking down on the camera, the singer had a casual conversation with fans such as whether he’s watched the film “Frozen” or he has a roommate, to both of which he answered no.

The Day6 member also chose “Orphans” from British band Coldplay’s new album “Everyday Life.”

Continuing his love for an acoustic sound, he played “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri. With the song in the background, he told people to realize that they are more fortunate than they think. He also added fans are stronger than they think as they can tell him to be stronger.

Victon’s Heo Chan celebrates his birthday in Taiwan

Victon’s Heo Chan celebrated his birthday on V Live in the early hours of Sunday in Taiwan.

It was nearly 3 a.m. in South Korea after performing in Taiwan that the singer went on line for fans. The singer was in what appears to be in his hotel room, with birthday cakes from local fans on the table.

“Hey, I’m Chan and my birthday is Dec. 14. Sorry for keeping you waiting this late and Thank you for staying with me this late at night. I should’ve come earlier,” the singer said while smiling.

He then started singing the birthday song for himself briefly. According to him, this year’s birthday was the most celebrated to date.
“I feel like today was the most celebrated birthday since my debut, since I was born,” he said.

When asked whether he cried, he said though he is emotional, he managed not to cry.

The singer said the group is going back to South Korea on Sunday.

The Boyz share their impression of the Eiffel Tower

The Boyz, an 11-piece boyband, took to V Live to update their fans with their latest from Paris.

Feeling upbeat over stable internet connection, the bandmates said hi to fans before acknowledging that it’s nearly 4 a.m. for those at home.

The boys soon began gushing over the Eiffel Tower, a landmark in Paris known the world over.

It was the first time seeing the tower for most of the band excluding Jacob. When asked whether the tower looks better at night or in the day, Jacob said the landmark looks great both ways.

After doing some sightseeing and enjoying their time in the French capital, the group is scheduled to perform hold a concert on Sunday.

And to see how excited fans were, the group asked viewers to use the hand emoji if they were going to Sunday’s show.
The group collectively said “merci beaucoup” -- after a couple of failed attempts-- to show their appreciation.

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