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[V Report] Winner gives sneak peek into upcoming album

  • Published : Oct 20, 2019 - 14:45
  • Updated : Oct 20, 2019 - 14:45

Broadcast dates: Oct. 19-20
Starring: Winner, BTOB Twice and TXT

Boy band Winner, ahead of releasing the EP “Cross” on Wednesday, sat down for a special broadcast about the six-track album and described the mood of each song.


“The song ‘Wind’ is lyrical, weird but great and dynamic,” said Jinu.

“‘Soso,’ as the title track of the album, has many different shades into it,” said Seungyoon. “I think it’s catchy, dark, new, mature, fancy, deep, cold, strong, weird but great, hip and dynamic.”

“I am describing ‘Flamenco’ as catchy because I have been thinking about this song for a very long time. I worked on this song for long and I have been wanting to put this in the album and show it on the stage,” said Seunghoon.

“‘OMG’ is very beautiful, glamorous, mature, sweet and colorful,” said Mino. “The chorus, especially, is very glamorous.”

The band also gave fans a heads up about its upcoming “Winner Cross Tour,” which will kick off in Seoul on Oct. 26 for a two-day run.

Watch the video: https://www.vlive.tv/video/156001.

BTOB’s Hyunsik checks in with fans

On his way to a fan-signing event, BTOB’s Hyunsik, who just released a solo album, went live from the car.

“I am going to the fan meeting right now. But the traffic is very heavy and I might be late to the event,” he said. “I am sorry for such a delay. For those waiting at the event, please bear with me.”


He answered fans’ questions and told them how he’d been doing. He had to follow a rigorous diet before making a solo debut. He is also attending grad school these days.

“Today, before coming here, I ran into Sungjae at the makeup and hair salon,” he said. “He was getting ready for the drama shooting. It was good to see him.”

Watch the full video: https://www.vlive.tv/video/156009.

Soobin and Huening Kai’s radio broadcast

TXT members Soobin and Huening Kai went live for a special radio program, where they read stories sent in by fellow band members anonymously.

Huening Kai read the first story, where a member thanked another member for lending his cell phone charger. The boys tried to guess who sent in the story, and they narrowed it down to Yeonjun.

Soobin and Huening Kai

The second story was read by Soobin, and the writer said he was planning revenge against Yeonjun for putting sand inside the pocket of his jeans as a joke, while they were at a beach in the US. “Stay alert, I am going after you,” the story read. Huening Kai later revealed he’d written that story.

The boys also shared some everyday moments.

When the boys wake up in the morning, the first thing Soobin does is check his cell phone. If he has some time left, he goes back to bed. For Huening Kai, he drinks grape juice and then gets ready.

When asked to name their favorite fruits, Soobin said he likes mangosteen, while Huening Kai likes pineapple and kiwi.

Watch the full video: https://www.vlive.tv/video/156008.

Dahyun and Mina’s “Feel Special” photo shoot

Twice members Dahyun and Mina gave fans a look behind the scenes of the photo shoot for the “Feel Special” album cover.

In the 129-second clip, Dahyun popped up and said hello, looking princess-like in a gorgeous dress.


“I dyed my hair yesterday and it turned blue,” she said as she pointed to her light gray and blue hair. “So I had to redo it to make it more grayer.”

“Just like the title, ‘Feel Special,’ the song talks about how I became special because of you, and I smile because of you,” said Dahyun. “I hope the photo shoot portrays that.”

Mina looked beautiful in the sparkling outfit she wore to the photo shoot.

Watch the videos: https://www.vlive.tv/video/155985 and https://www.vlive.tv/video/155986.

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