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[Kpop Herald x TwitterBlueroom] Pentagon prepares for world tour by connecting with global fans

  • Published : Aug 14, 2019 - 17:04
  • Updated : Aug 14, 2019 - 17:04

Ahead of its first world tour, Pentagon took some time to satisfy fans’ curiosity.

On a humid Tuesday evening, the eight bandmates of Pentagon stepped into Twitter’s office in Seoul for a TwitterBlueRoom Live session during which they answered fans’ questions.

Looking excited yet relaxed, the group followed Hui’s lead, greeting global fans in various languages and speaking about recent promotions for “Humph!,” the lead track off its ninth EP, “Sum(me:r).”


“We really enjoyed our activities. Since the (9th) album was the last one before going on to double digits, it was more meaningful than usual. It was also great to connect with fans through various content,” Hongseok said.

Wooseok commented that he felt wistful about not being able to perform on music programs during the promotional period, while Kino said it was the band’s first time promoting in midsummer.

Moving on to fans’ questions, the act talked about various topics, naming their favorites and revealing each other’s secrets. Amid a comfortable atmosphere, the band members evoked a lot of laughs throughout the session.


Asked which cities the bandmates would like to visit, Kino said he would like to travel to the United States, where he’s never been, and Brazil. Jinho said he would rather feel the coldness of Moscow in this hot weather, while most of the other members said they’ve never been to Europe. “Anyhow, we will embark on a world tour that spans 23 countries all over the world from September to November, so please wait for us,” said Kino.

After sharing that the band would like to try an “ultimate sexy” concept in the future and that it takes the group two to three days to learn new choreography, Pentagon went on to reveal personal details.

Yeo One admitted that he sleeps the most in the group, while Shinwon said that he hasn’t gotten rid of the habit of biting his nails yet. Yuto said that he’s never been scolded by his parents, and Wooseok shared that he trimmed his signature long hair before the broadcast.


Each member’s bucket list also varied. Jinho humorously said, “I’d like to own a building, become one of the top three producers and buy a private plane.”

Kino said, “I’d like to climb Mt. Everest with my father.” Yuto revealed that one of his dreams was to go on a world tour, which was finally happening, and to play instruments well. Hongseok said he would like to go on a penniless journey one day.


The members’ teamwork and tight bonds shone especially when they took turns to reveal each other’s secrets at fans’ requests. Yeo One shared that Jinho has been into computer games recently, adding that whenever he passes the door to Jinho’s room, he always hears the sound of tapping on a keyboard. Jinho admitted to this, saying, “It’s my first time actually ‘studying’ computer games. Maybe I should cut back on it.”

Hongseok talked about the change in Shinwon’s lifestyle, saying, “Shinwon used to love staying at home. I’ve rarely seen him going out. But these days, he goes out at least four times a month.” Jinho made everyone laugh by revealing that Hui’s bare feet, and Shinwon disclosed that Wooseok recently bought a nice big travel bag ahead of the world tour.

In response to fans’ questions about their favorites, Wooseok said his favorite color was red, adding that he always wears red underwear on important days. Hui, who often takes parts in composing the group’s songs, chose “Like This” as his favorite Pentagon track.

“Back then when I made ‘Like This,’ I hadn’t put much thought into it while making the song. Maybe that’s why it sounds good,” said Hui.


As the hourlong conversation came to end, Pentagon wrapped up the broadcast by promoting its upcoming world tour to global Universes (Pentagon’s official fandom).

“Hello Universe all over the world. We are preparing for our world tour, so if you guys want to know where we will be and what we’re doing, you guys can search us on Twitter, and if you want further information, you can search our Twitter channel. Please come to our show,” said Hongseok.

The group’s Blueroom live broadcast can be viewed again via the band’s official Twitter account, @CUBE_PTG.

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By Hong Dam-young (lotus@heraldcorp.com)