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[OH MY ROOKIE] A.C.E proves potential for global success with dynamic charms

  • Published : Aug 5, 2019 - 16:42
  • Updated : Aug 5, 2019 - 16:42


Having recently made waves with its impeccable performance and stage presence, A.C.E on Friday sat down with The Korea Herald to show off the group’s youthful, robust off-stage nature.

The 1 1/2-hour conversation, which took place in a bright, sunny studio in Seoul, was testament to the five-piece act’s continuing global rise in popularity. Connecting with over 14,000 fans around the world, the voluble act not only gave a candid interview, but also proved its potential for global success by communicating in English.

Clad in clean-cut white shirts and black pants, the bandmates kicked off the session by talking about their recent overseas activities. “We recently toured around Canada, Indonesia and China, and we are hoping that there will be more (overseas trips) to come,” said band leader Jun.


In its third year, A.C.E started picking up steam with its latest single “Under Cover,” a hard-hitting dance track that debuted at No. 9 on Billboard’s World Albums chart in June.

Formed with performers who had already endured intense training and televised competitions as idol hopefuls, the band has become a global act that boasts thousands of English comments on its videos and posts. Byeongkwan, who studied in Canada when he was 12, said that he keeps up the efforts to improve his English skill by learning over the phone. His bandmates said they’ve been studying with a mobile English study app whenever they have time. “But the best way to learn English is by communicating with our international fans at overseas shows. Some of them even offered us some English lessons,” laughed Byeongkwan.


Asked what kind of group activities they would like to do for a reality show -- A.C.E recently shot its own reality show, “Extreme Ace” -- Donghun said he would like to go on a vacation to the ocean or an island for relaxation.

Jun, who overcame his fear for heights with extreme sports activities through the show, confidently said, “I would like to try something more extreme, like sky diving or exploring a haunted house.”

Getting deeper with the topic of fear, Byeongkwan said his biggest fear is “himself,” elaborating, “I’m afraid of myself at times when I don’t feel satisfied with myself and feel the pressure that I should overcome my limits.” Wow also weighed in and said he fears the “feeling of fear” itself the most.



The live session also saw the talented bandmates showcase their vocal and dance prowess. They each took turns performing well-known pop songs: Eminem’s “Drug Ballad,” Ed Sheeran’s “Photograph,” Billie Eilish’s “Ocean Eyes,” Sam Smith’s “I’m Not the Only One” and Neyo’s “So Sick.” They also danced to hits by H.O.T., Seventeen and NCT.

A.C.E also didn’t forget to show their sincerity when faced with serious questions.

Asked about his responsibility as the band’s leader, Jun said, “As a leader of an idol group, there are happy and challenging moments, obviously. But when you start expecting comfort from others, things get harder. I think it’s obvious for me, as a leader, to have this kind of mindset. I’m happy to be a leader and grateful for my bandmates for supporting me through thick and thin.”


The act’s high energy reached its peak as they took turns imitating each other. While confessing they’ve had some clashes in the past due to different personalities, the bandmates never stopped making each other laugh and boasted family-like chemistry throughout the broadcast. A.C.E wrapped up the chat by listing what it would like to do with Choice -- the group’s name for its fandom -- such as going to an amusement park, doing volunteer work and holding a sports day.

“We are always doing our best and thankfully, our fans have been very supportive of us. It’s our biggest goal and wish to keep showing our improvements,” said Jun.

Byeongkwan added, “We A.C.E are always thankful for your support and love. You guys should know that A.C.E love Choice more.”

Watch the interview with A.C.E below:

By Hong Dam-young (lous@heraldcorp.com)