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[OH MY ROOKIE] Oneus unleashes multiple talents, amuses global fans

  • Published : Jun 27, 2019 - 14:40
  • Updated : Jun 27, 2019 - 14:40


Oneus has already carved out a niche in the K-pop scene with great music and engaging performances, but readers may not know how charismatic and fun the musicians are when they’re offstage.

The Korea Herald was part of an hourlong conversation in which the band connected with fans all around the world. The broadcast took place late in the evening in Seoul at the studio of the act’s label, but the bandmates overflowed with youthful energy and maintained it throughout the broadcast.

After greeting fans in English, the six band members, clad in matching sky blue and white outfits, kicked off the session by talking about their recent performance at KCON 2019 Japan. The band had showcased its latest song, “Twilight,” for the first time at the global K-pop event, and called it an invaluable experience.

“It was our first time to perform on such a grand stage, and we felt very nervous and overwhelmed at that time,” said Hwanwoong.


While the act already has a huge international following, the boys revealed that they’ve only been to two foreign countries since their debut.

“We’d promoted in Japan and shot our music video for ‘Twilight’ in Italy. And we hope to keep leaving our footprints all over the world in the future,” Keonhee added.

To bond with their fans, the boys frequently communicated with viewers and replied to their comments in English during the interview. Also answering fans’ Twitter questions, they talked about their interests and their favorite songs these days. Leedo and Seoho said they’ve recently delved into playing computer games, while Xion and Hwanwoong said they’ve been watching web dramas. Seoho also said it’s almost like destiny that the group’s fandom community is called “To Moon” -- one of his favorite songs is “Talking to the Moon” by Bruno Mars.


After delighting fans by performing “English Girl,” a track from the band’s latest EP, “Raise Us,” the boys showcased their hilarious sides by playing a game where they mimicked each other.
Although seemingly shy at first, the members paid each other compliments at a fan’s request.

“Seoho, he always keeps his promises. It’s sometimes hard for us to be on time during our busy schedules, but he rarely gets late,” said Keonhee.

Seoho gave Ravn a shoutout, saying he has an impressive musical range, while Ravn said he admires Leedo’s dedication to exercise. “Whenever we try to find Leedo, he’s always at our studio, exercising,” said Ravn.

Leedo praised Hwanwoong’s dancing skills and Xion showed some “aegyo,” or cuteness, as Hwanwoong named him the cutest member in the group.


The band wrapped up the exciting conversation by teaching fans some essential Korean phrases and expressing hope of gaining a wider global reach.

“As the title for ‘Twilight’ translates to ‘the sun falls down’ in Korean, we hope people could think of us whenever they see the sun,” said Leedo.

“And first and foremost, I hope my bandmates to stay healthy during our promotion for the new album. We are also preparing for our debut in Japan,” Keonhee added.

The first boy band under RBW Entertainment, home to girl group Mamamoo, Oneus immediately drew in global music fans in January with the EP “Light Us.” Having established itself as one of the most prominent rookie acts on the scene, the band dropped “Raise Us” at the end of May.

Watch the interview with Oneus below:

By Hong Dam-young (lotus@heraldcorp.com)