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[OH MY ROOKIE] We In The Zone: ‘Reaching everybody in the world, that’s our only goal’

  • Published : Jun 23, 2019 - 21:27
  • Updated : Jun 23, 2019 - 21:27


Every year, K-pop sees a flood of newcomers. And while We In The Zone is one of them, the act demonstrated its unique potential to global fans during a recent interview with The Korea Herald.

Having debuted under Choon Entertainment on May 29, the rookie group joined the Herald for an hourlong conversation in Seoul to discuss its first musical production.

“We are still excited with the fact that we debuted, like wow. When we wake up, we have to go to schedule, and every day is a good day for us. We still feel nervous,” said band leader Eson, who hails from Hawaii.

“Our group name means we are in our area. We are in this gym, and it’s our area,” added Eson.


The team is made up of five polished 20-somethings; Eson, Shihyun, Jooan, Kyungheon and Min, and what sets the group apart from others was eagerness to communicate with global fans in English, going all out for expressing themselves in the foreign language even though some of them were not that familiar with it. Sometimes alternating with Korean, the boys covered the conversation mostly in English.

The band then went onto talk about its debut album “We In The Zone” and its lead single “Let’s Get Loud.” Eson, who had a hand in crafting the song along with Kyungheon and Jooan, explained that the song reflects the band’s hope to reach people with its voices. “The song’s like, ‘When our voices reach you, we can do anything.’ All of our five charming voices can reach you,” he said.


After performing the song’s choreography as a group, the boys started talking about the hard years they spent as idol trainees.

Kyungheon shared that keeping their everyday lives to a fixed routine had been hard, while Shihyun said he struggled with intense practices, such as learning four to five dance routines in a month. After walking down memory lane, Eson wrapped up the conversation, saying, “Everything was hard, but when we debuted, everything vanished. The hard things vanished, so I have nothing to say about that.”

Calling themselves “professional idols,” the bandmates filled the live session with glib talk, laughter and performances, ranging from a cover dance of EXO to an aegyo battle.


Rounding out the interview, We In The Zone addressed fans its goals.

“We will keep making music and try to make our own choreography. Keeping up our results and reaching everybody in the world, that’s our only goal,” Eson said.

Jooan chimed in and said, “Aside from promoting our group, we hope to make music that people can relate to, and hold a concert with our music and people.”

Watch the interview with We In The Zone below:

By Hong Dam-young (lotus@heraldcorp.com)