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K-pop rookie band ENOi ready to bloom

  • Published : May 28, 2019 - 15:05
  • Updated : May 28, 2019 - 15:05


Having entered the K-pop scene with fresh and unbridled energy, rookie band ENOi said it hopes to make a splash as a rising star this year.

The seven-piece act, fronted by leader Laon and consisting also of Dojin, Hamin, Avin, Jinwoo, J-Kid and Gun, debuted under newly established label Kithewhale Company on April 19 with the debut single “Bloom.”

Overflowing with passion and vivacity, ENOi recently took to the Kpop Herald’s V Live broadcast in Seoul to introduce itself to global fans, talk about its latest song release and exude its intriguing charm. Cutting casual, sporty outfits that suited the gym where the broadcast took place, the group filled the hourlong conversation with energy, successfully appealing to viewers around the world.

“We are a group that is capable of everything. We will prove it to you,” said Laon, explaining that the group’s name stands for “We can do it” (three final letters plus one initial letter).


After introducing themselves in fluent English -- the boys said they’d practiced English for the broadcast and memorized their self-introductions by writing them out on paper -- the ENOi bandmates went on to reveal the meaning of the act’s first single, “Bloom,” an infectious EDM track written by Laon.

“We likened our struggles from pre-debut days to a flower bud that is about to bloom. Laon wrote all of its lyrics,” Hamin said.

Lyricist Laon also commented, “The lyrics are based on the conversations between the members and notes from my trainee years. There was a book titled ‘A Rose That Bloomed From Concrete,’ and I wanted to express that energy strong enough to break through concrete. It took me over a year to complete the lines.”


Showcasing its immense promise as an idol group, ENOi went on to perform the sleek choreography of “Bloom” and demonstrate a fan chant for the song. Dojin and J-Kid, the team’s talented dancers, also paid tribute to K-pop powerhouse BTS by performing Jimin’s solo single “Lie” during the live interview. Vocalists Hamin and Avin proved their vocal prowess by delivering evocative ballads like Ali’s “Eraser” and IU’s “Ending Scene.”

After playing some games and mesmerizing viewers with their eye-popping hidden talents -- basketball tricks, jumping over a skipping rope 100 times, and performing a worm dance -- ENOi wrapped up the session by expressing its hope of becoming one of this year’s must-watch-rookie bands.

“There are many things we would like to achieve this year. In the long term, we would like to enter Billboard charts, and for this year, we would like to win a rookie award. We are already working on a new album, so please stay tuned,” Laon said.

Watch ENOi’s interview below:

By Hong Dam-young (lotus@heraldcorp.com)