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Top 3 of BTS’ heartfelt friendship moments

  • Published : Feb 27, 2019 - 15:31
  • Updated : Feb 27, 2019 - 15:31


BTS members have developed a tight-knit friendship over the past decade since their trainee years.

While some K-pop groups inevitably fail to stand the test of time, the bonds between BTS bandmates have grown stronger over time, reassuring fans that the act will stick together through thick and thin.

As a testament to their longtime friendship, the bandmates are often spotted laughing and walking in sync. They openly express affection toward one another, watch each other’s back and give moral support.

Here are some moments that prove BTS’ closeness.

1. RM’s group photo in his studio


When stressed out at work, nothing is more comforting than a framed photo of loved ones.

Group leader RM recently held a V Live broadcast at his studio, and what grabbed fans’ attention was a framed group photo of BTS on his desk.

The photo, taken on the day of shooting for the group’s fan meeting “3RD Muster” in 2016, featured the seven members posing and smiling in comfortable outfits.


RM had previously said the photo was one of his most treasured belongings.

During the broadcast, the BTS rapper talked about his relationship with his bandmates and how they embrace each other’s differences.

“About our group, I think it’s like sailing on the same ship while looking at different directions. And while working as a team, we’ve achieved things that we’d never dreamed of in the name of BTS while keep seeing each other’s most ideal sides,” he said.

“And I think our members are also aware of that, even better than me. It’s a miracle that we’ve come this far,” he added.

2. Jungkook’s leg injury during London leg of world tour


In October last year, Jungkook injured his foot ahead of the London gig of the act’s European world tour. He took part in the performance by sitting on a movable stool throughout the set while his bandmates performed dance moves.

The heartbreaking moment, however, changed into a heartwarming one as other members wheeled him around during the performances, and kept him company so he wouldn’t feel isolated. The
bandmates took turns cheering him up and making him laugh.


During the performance of “Anpanman,” Jungkook became overwhelmed with emotions and began to cry. While he wiped away tears, Jimin and V came over to comfort their crying bandmate.

Fans also cheered him on, saying, “It’s all right” in Korean. He responded by saying, “Thank you, I love you.”

The London leg of BTS’ world tour definitely showed the act’s family-like bonds.

3. ‘Burn the Stage’ conflict between V and Jin


Friendship inevitably entails small and big conflicts, and BTS members are no exception. But what really defines a good relationship is the way people resolve issues.

The fourth episode of the act’s YouTube Red series “BTS: Burn the Stage,” released in April last year, featured BTS members having a conversation about the stage setting prior to the act’s New York performance.

During the discussion, tension rose as V and Jin started to clash over their stage positions.

Things got emotional when V criticized Jin’s routine and the latter voiced a different opinion.


As group leader, RM admonished the two by telling them not to act like amateurs.

After finishing the performance, the seven bandmates once again gathered to talk about the conflict and bury the hatchet.

Suga said, “You two must feel sorry, although you guys are not talking to each other. Now that we are touring around the world, the current depth of our bonds must have changed a lot since out debut. We got much closer and got to understand each other better.”


RM said, “Of course there are circumstances that make us angry, and all of us have some twisted sides and make mistakes, including myself. And sometimes, such parts of us develop into clashes when it comes to performances. But I think we should now learn how to step back for each other. It’s not about winning or losing. It’s about yielding for the team.”

Later in an individual interview, Jimin said, “What’s really amazing is that no matter how serious our fight is, we eventually sit down to talk about it. We don’t just let the emotions fester. Although we might not understand each other at first, we always talk about it a day later, seek a solution and then just trust each other.”

By Hong Dam-young (lotus@heraldcorp.com)

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