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Best in fashion from this summer’s K-pop scene

  • Published : Aug 7, 2018 - 10:44
  • Updated : Aug 7, 2018 - 10:44

With all the new tracks by K-pop groups this summer, there are loads of music videos to indulge in. Focusing on dance moves and visuals, these videos allow artists to highlight their concepts and develop specific looks through their clothing choices.

Summer usually means K-pop stars clad in swim gear, sundresses and linen, dancing along a pure white beach, but here are a few groups who have re-invented summer fashion and elevated it to the next level in their music videos.



The female quartet shared its Latin-inspired hit “Egoistic” with the world on July 16 while debuting its new album “Red Moon.” Mamamoo has always been fashion savvy, but the theme of this return has allowed for a fun and bold aesthetic.

Vivid colors, patterned prints and high stilettos, the looks alternated between risque and classy to embody the fiery Latin beat.

For example, one member wearing a flowy rose-covered blouse later appears in a slinky black dress with a thigh high slit. Perhaps the most eye-catching piece fashion wise is the silky, navy pantsuit embellished with regal gold designs that appears toward the beginning and end of the video.

Overall, the group did an impressive job of choosing unique and fashion-forward outfits to fully convey the heat of its summer hit.

Wanna One


The boy band released the track “Light” on June 4. With the song described as having a slight R&B influence, the outfits donned by the pop sensations took a step in a more mature direction for the music video.

Like any other typical K-pop group, the singers were thoroughly accessorized with belts, earrings, piercings, and of course, dyed hair.

They also had two scenes with classic matching uniforms: a clean white shirt with black bottoms and various detailing, and an all-black get up. The other scenes depicted the members in a retro, formal style with many creatively used belts and collars to make the look seem more like it came out of a teen’s closet.

The iconic scene is at the end when all 11 members showcase different outfits and form a triangular shape. With a denim on denim look heading the point of the triangle, the most interesting styling choice is the gray blazer cinched with a red belt and paired with a black shirt, pants and laced sneakers.



Released on June 26, the random colors and theme of the group’s summery song “BAAM” make the music video irresistible. The sheer number of costume changes made in the 3 1/2 minute video is impressive to say the least; it already has over 65 million views.

The group is on this list for its unique, bold and eclectic fashion choices. From dancing in Korean traditional hanbok in front of historical sites to dressing in crop top outfits with matching light-up shoes to wearing sparkling Egyptian-inspired head pieces, Momoland gives viewers a taste of each diverse look.

As surprising as it may seem at first, these fashion choices relay the popping energetic feel of the song quite well. And whether the singers are in traditional Vietnamese gowns or French Victorian-esque dresses, they are still able to show off their signature dance moves, which is key.

Although this new song isn’t very different from the group’s most recent hit, “Bboom Bboom,” its style was most definitely riskier -- which paid off.

By Serena Soh, Intern reporter (sjsoh@heraldcorp.com)