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‘I was least famous member at first,’ says Seungri

  • Published : Jul 20, 2018 - 19:59
  • Updated : Jul 20, 2018 - 19:59


Ten years on as a Big Bang member, Seungri now leads a high-flying life as an award-winning artist and successful entrepreneur. But he had started from scratch, said the K-pop group’s youngest member, who released his first full-length album Friday.

“I was a member who had nothing but ‘viability.’ I had nothing to put forward compared to the other very talented members. Both ability and popularity wise, I was always considered the last,” said Seungri during a press conference for his “The Great Seungri” album in Seoul on Friday.

“T.O.P surpassed me with his appearance, G-Dragon with his fashion, Taeyang with his dance skills and Daesung with his humor on variety shows. So I decided to cultivate my own strong point that doesn’t clash with the members.”

He started learning about business. The reality was not rosy at all for this young musician who knew nothing but singing and dancing. With accumulated global experience and the network he built through world tours and performances, he learned the language of business.

“I haven’t properly learned business at all, but through encountering all kinds of people and many ups and downs, I found business that suits me and learned about people. I think I’m good at keeping good people by my side. And I think it’s really important to keep finding what I’m good at through various experiences,” he said.

He also shared that YG head Yang Hyun-suk did not have faith in his business plan at first, so he had to earn his trust by making a name for himself in the business world.

Yang took Seungri’s own DJ label NHR under the agency, and Seungri kept expanding his business with Yang’s support, becoming CEO of YGX, the agency’s sub-company that cultivates rookie hip-hop talent.

He also spoke about YG’s business from an entrepreneur’s point of view.

“Well, do you want me to speak honestly? Actually, I’ve never had any thought of leaving this place, which is my home. And I think YG is doing a great job in putting the Korean Wave at the center of its business, whether it’s about food, cosmetics or tourism,” he said.

“It’s true that YG is giving me full support. And I take this solo promotion seriously, as I think I should reciprocate my agency with good results. For the past 10 years, I have received a lot of love, and I plan to give back that love for the next 10 years,” he added.