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Henry set to be more active in China

  • Published : Jul 10, 2018 - 17:13
  • Updated : Jul 10, 2018 - 17:13


Henry will have more of a balance between work activities in China and Korea after leaving S.M. Entertainment earlier this year.

Having spent 10 years under S.M. Entertainment, the Chinese Canadian entertainer and former member of Super Junior-M decided to leave the company when his contract expired in April.

One of his first endeavors after parting ways with S.M. was setting up his own Taiwanese restaurant named Xiao Zhan in Seoul. But currently, he is focusing on his career in the entertainment industry and is developing his own talent agency.

On popular Chinese social media platform, Weibo, Henry revealed that he set up his own agency named “Henry’s Workshop.” Along with the announcement, he posted a picture of himself with the caption, “I will unleash a new future with Henry.”

This one-man agency is dedicated to managing all of Henry’s work-related activities in China; he is also in the midst of preparing for another solo agency with the same concept, but in Korea.

These agencies are being established with the hopes that he will be able to engage in various activities as an entertainer on an even more global level.

Although he is musically trained, Henry is a well-rounded entertainer. He began to venture out of the music world by making cameos in Chinese dramas, but has now made several appearances in dramas and variety television shows in China as well as Korea.

This June he was at the Shanghai International Film Festival for his role in the movie “Double World,” and he just wrapped up his stint as a cast member on the Korean variety show “Begin Again 2.”

By Serena Soh (sjsoh@heraldcorp.com)