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Multinational K-pop act Nature to debut

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Updated : June 21 2018

A new girl band is to arrive on the K-pop scene this summer.

“Girl band Nature is to debut in early August,” n.CH Entertainment announced on Thursday. The rookie band’s official social media accounts and channels were opened on the same day, heralding more promotional activities before the official debut.

Nature (n.CH Entertainment)
The 9-piece act is multinational, consisting of members from Korea, Japan and China. It is the first band to be launched by n.CH Entertainment.

The agency, an entertainment and media contents company, was founded by Jung Chang-hwan, a former CEO of SM Culture &Contents, an S.M. Entertainment subsidiary.

“Nature will showcase differentiated music by making listeners feel better at once, like the nature’s pure healing power,” the CEO Jung said.

By Im Eun-byel (

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