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Lee Joo-yeon to become ‘girl he knows’ in ‘Undateable’

  • Published : Jun 13, 2018 - 16:25
  • Updated : Jun 13, 2018 - 16:25

Singer-turned-actress Lee Joo-yeon is to appear on SBS series “Undateable,” playing an attractive and seemingly innocent acquaintance that may get in the way of the potential romance of the two leads.

Lee will appear as Suji in episodes 13 and 14, which are set to air Thursday. Her character had befriended Kang Hoon-nam, played by Namkoong Min, during their stay in Australia, and she is expected to threaten the romance between Kang and love interest Jung-eum, played by Hwang Jung-eum.


A teaser image of Suji indicates that she is a fashionable free spirit, and is meant to spark speculations as to what she will bring to the plot, representatives from the show said.