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[V Report] Ryu Jun-yeol thanks fans for supporting ‘Believer’

  • Published : Jun 4, 2018 - 19:31
  • Updated : Jun 4, 2018 - 19:31

Broadcast date: June 3
Starring: Ryu Jun-yeol, Kenta, Hoya

Ryu Jun-yeol

(Naver V app)
Actor Ryu Jun-yeol thanked his fans for supporting his latest crime action flick “Believer” in a live broadcast held via Naver’s V app Sunday.

Ahead of the broadcast, the actor wrapped up the guest visit sessions for the film in Busan and Daegu.

“Thank you for welcoming us today. The atmosphere really heated up as you received us enthusiastically,” Ryu said.

“Thanks to your support, we could visit Busan and Daegu for guest visits (following Seoul). It was a happy memory,” he said.

“It drew over three million viewers and is now heading for four million,” he said. “I heard that there are people who never watched our film but no one who watched it only once.”

“’Believer’ will be released in Taiwan on June 22 and will soon be released in North America as well. I hope you can watch it a lot also in other countries,” he said.

According to the Korean Film Council Monday, the movie drew 981,436 viewers over the weekend.

It has stayed atop the box office for 13 consecutive days since it was released May 22, with 3.5 million tickets sold.

The remake of Hong Kong crime thriller “Drug War” by Joonie To tells the story of a detective Won-ho, played by Cho, trying to take down an international drug cartel.

(Naver V app)
Singer Kenta, formerly of now disbanded project boy band JBJ, communicated with his fans in a live broadcast held during the filming for his upcoming web drama “Barefoot Diva” (tentative title) via Naver’s V app Sunday.

In the broadcast, the singer was asked about his thoughts on trying acting for the first time.

“Well, that’s a very good question,” he said. “It’s fun!”

“Since late March when I was confirmed to play in the drama, I prepared hard for this,” he said. “Though the script wasn’t prepared yet, I readied my mind thinking that ‘I will finally act.’ Since then I started my pronunciation and when the script came out, I also practiced the script hard.”

“But acting actually on the set was totally different from practicing alone so I often got embarrassed,” he said. “Still, it is fun as much as it is hard.”

“I’m learning one by one every day these days,” he said.

When asked to spoil the plot of the drama, he said, “No! I will get scolded -- by the managers and the production team of the drama -- if I do! Please wait!”

The drama will also feature Kenta’s JBJ bandmate Kim Sang-gyun. It is scheduled to be released in July.

His group JBJ recently wrapped up its seven-month promotion activities and disbanded.

Lee Ho-won -- better known by his former stage name Hoya of boy band Infinite -- communicated with fans in a live broadcast held via Naver’s V app Sunday.

In his recent broadcast held about a week ago, he appeared wearing a hat and said, “As I shaved my head, I had to wear a hat. I want to meet you without wearing my hat but because of the situation, I will hold this broadcast while wearing a hat.”

In Sunday’s broadcast, however, the singer appeared with fully-grown hair.

When asked about his fast-grown hair, he said, “Right, I did shave my hair but I found out that they have good Hi-mo (wig brand) nowadays. So I’m wearing one. Is it obvious?”

“I’m glad that it doesn’t seem to be too obvious,” he said.

Lee released the solo debut album “Shower,” fronted by the lead track “All Eyes on Me” in March.

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