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[V Report Plus] Ex-JBJ member Kim Sang-gyun opens V channel, greets fans

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Updated : May 15 2018

(Naver V app)
Singer Kim Sang-gyun of now disbanded JBJ on Monday launched a V app channel and released a video to celebrate the launch.

In the video, he said, “I’m already so excited to show you the interesting and various facets of my ordinary life. I will communicate a lot with the fans and show you interesting looks.”

“Please follow (the channel) a lot and give me many ‘hearts,’” he added.

“Thank you! See you on V app!” he said, wrapping up the video.

The singer appeared on the second season of Mnet’s survival audition show “Produce 101” last year. He failed to secure a spot in the final 11-member group, but proved popular thanks to plenty of public exposure during the show, which led to his debut as a member of JBJ.

The group recently wrapped up its seven-month promotion activities and disbanded.

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