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‘Mistresses’ to show anxieties of ordinary women

  • Published : Apr 25, 2018 - 18:13
  • Updated : Apr 25, 2018 - 18:13

The Korean adaptation of popular British drama “Mistresses” aims to share the thoughts of ordinary women through dramatic events and sensational scenes.

The series is a remake of the popular BBC drama of the same name that aired in 2008. It was also remade in the US on ABC.
The story revolves around four ordinary women -- a cafe owner, a psychiatrist, a high school teacher and a paralegal -- with dark secrets. The four friends get caught up in a murder case of a mysterious man involved with one of them. The plot searches for the murderer, the victim and the motive.

“While the British version focused on the worries of women, the US production concentrated more on sensational aspects,” director Han Ji-seung said at a media event held Wednesday in western Seoul. “The Korean version hopes to follow the original work’s focus on the concerns of ordinary women.”

According to the director, the 12-part drama will adopt a tone that is not usually seen on Korean TV shows. With released teaser clips of the drama including steamy bed scenes, the first and second episodes of the show have been slapped with a restricted rating.

“It, of course, was not easy to shoot the scenes. But they were necessary for the storytelling,” said actress Choi Hee-seo, who plays one of the four main characters in the drama. “The scenes make the characters feel certain emotions and the emotions evoke actions, creating happenings.”

Even before its premiere, the series is attracting attention, as actress Han Ga-in will be returning to the small screen after a six-year break. It is her first work since the birth of her daughter in 2016.

“The comeback may be early as my baby is still young. But after reading the script, I asked if I could read more,” she said. “I chose the drama, thinking, if I am intrigued, viewers may be intrigued as well.”

She was attracted by how a woman who has lived an ordinary life grows as a person after the death of her husband and a mysterious occurrence. She expressed her affection for the series, saying, “It’s my first time to actually feel pleased on set.”

The new mystery-thriller series will air its first episode Saturday at 10:20 p.m.