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[V Report] How are Wanna One bandmates saved on each other’s phones?

  • Published : Apr 24, 2018 - 20:12
  • Updated : Apr 24, 2018 - 20:12

Broadcast date: April 23
Starring: Wanna One, B1A4, Lovelyz

Wanna One

(Naver V app)
Boy band Wanna One communicated with its fans during the filming for JTBC’s new idol variety show “Idol Room” in a live broadcast held via Naver’s V app Monday.

In the broadcast, the Wanna One bandmates revealed with what names they saved other bandmates’ numbers under on their phones.

“I save (people’s names) differently every time,” Kang Daniel said. “I lengthen the family name when they change numbers. For example, ‘Wanna One Ong Ong Ong Seong-wu.’”

“I saved Jae-hwan as ‘King Jae-hwan,’ Lai Kuan-lin as ‘Lin Lin,’ Ha Sung-woon as ‘Ha Cloud’ and Dae-hwi as ‘Manager Lee,’” he said. Cloud is Ha’s nickname.

Lee Dae-hwi said he rather uses formal appellations to save the phone numbers. Still, he saved Park Woo-jin as “Woo-jin to share together.”

“I got close to (Woo-jin) as time passed without special reasons. I was proud of that so I saved his number with such a name,” Lee explained.

Hearing that, Ha complained, “Add ‘Share Together’ also behind our names!”

Ong said he saved his bandmates’ phone numbers with the prefix “Wanna One.” “Back then, I was really proud and felt dreamy to save their names with the prefix Wanna One. I’m trying to keep that fluttering feeling,” he said.

“I just saved the numbers with their names,” Hwang Min-hyun said. “But a while ago, Jin-young changed his name to ‘My Bae Jin-young♥.’ Well, I liked it.”

Wanna One will kick off its 13-city world tour from June 1 to 3 at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul.

(Naver V app)
K-pop boy band B1A4 celebrated its seventh anniversary since debut in a live broadcast held via Naver’s V app Monday.

In the broadcast, the B1A4 bandmates expressed their thoughts on other bandmates.

“As we are getting older we have to take care of our health,” Baro said. “I didn’t think (the work is) physically tiring before but I feel it very much now. I wish to be together without you being sick.”

“We’ve been leaning on each other for the seven years and the seven years went so fast,” Jinyoung said. “I was glad that I could have those memories with my bandmates and BANA (B1A4’s fan club name). I want to keep enjoying such happiness.”

“I think it is important that we five are together with one heart. I’m proud of that,” Sandeul said. “I think the bandmates were of one mind. They do care about each other,” CNU agreed.

(Naver V app)
Girl group Lovelyz shared some beauty secret during the group’s showcase event for “Heal” live broadcast via Naver’s V app Monday.

During the event, the Lovelyz bandmates were praised about their appearance.

When asked about the secret behind such beauty, Mijoo said, “You become pretty when you have Lovelinus’ (Lovelyz’s fan club name) love! It doesn’t make you fat and it helps to improve your appearance.”

Earlier in the day before the event, the girl group released its fourth mini album “Heal” which marked the group’s first release in five months since they dropped its third EP “Fall in Lovelyz” in November last year.

Having debuted in November 2014, Lovelyz was the first all-female vocal band produced by Woolim Entertainment. The group has released many hit singles, including “Ah-choo,” “Destiny” and “Wow!”

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