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Jo Hyun-ah opens up about controversy over leaked photo featuring Chaejin

  • Published : Apr 15, 2018 - 16:48
  • Updated : Apr 15, 2018 - 16:48


Jo Hyun-ah of R&B trio Urban Zakapa opened up about the recent controversy over a leaked photo that captured her and Chaejin of boy band Myname in a private setting.

“I was sad and afraid at first as too much attention was on me, but I overcame it just in a day,” said Jo during a Naver V live broadcast Sunday.

Jo also commented on netizens’ speculations over Chaejin’s short pants, refuting rumors that they were actually underwear and once again reassuring fans that there was nothing to worry about.

She wrapped up the video by sharing her plans for new music.

“I will keep working on my album to greet you with more mature music. My new album comes out on Wednesday. I decided to muster up some courage after receiving your encouraging messages and worries,” she said.

On April 8, rumors that Jo is dating Chaejin surfaced online after a video of the two at a private setting went viral on social media. The leaked clip showed Chaejin leaning toward Jo while wearing shorts and comfortable home wear.

Jo’s agency officially denied the rumors the next day, stating, “The video was taken while the two were drinking together at a mutual acquaintance’s home and playing a game.”

The two met when Jo served as a mentor on the KBS idol competition show “The Unit” and Chaejin competed in the show as a contestant.