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[V Report Plus] Jung Hae-in: ‘Bittersweet’ wrapping up ‘Prison Playbook’

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Updated : January 18 2018

(Naver V app)
Jung Hae-in took to the V app Wednesday to communicate with fans ahead of the broadcast of the final episode of his tvN drama “Prison Playbook.”

In the TV drama, Jung plays an imprisoned Army captain convicted of assaulting a soldier in his unit who later died.

“The aspects I cared most about while filming the drama were my way of speaking and behavior. As I had to play an Army captain who always goes by the book, I studied a lot,” he said in the broadcast.

During the broadcast, he also expressed his feelings on the TV drama, which is set to finish its 16-episode run Thursday.

“It feels very bittersweet. As it is set in a prison, which is a limited place, we had to be together all the time, so we got close,” he said. “So I have more regrets.”

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