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Sulli falls in love with Cuba

  • Published : Dec 14, 2017 - 13:49
  • Updated : Dec 14, 2017 - 13:49

Sulli, formerly of f(x), shared her detailed travel itinerary around Cuba, written on a notebook, and photos via her Instagram on Tuesday.

Sulli uploaded pictures of herself enjoying her time with Cuban children and wrote: “I have been in Cuba for a while now and plan to stay in Cuba longer. Even though you guys miss me, be patient.”

Fans got to observe Sulli‘s detailed notes on her travel itinerary. She visited a Bed and Breakfast Inn called Casa Yobanna located in Habana, Cuba. “Crazy how it’s so lovely here. At Casa Yobanna.” Casa Yobanna is very popular among Korean tourists visiting Cuba. It is said that past travelers can leave short messages in the book for others to see.

Inside the notebook, the singer-turned-actress provided tips on “things to bring” and offered: “Things to bring. Vertical-striped shirt, sandals, red lipstick.” On the side, she scribed as hashtags: “Instagram and Sulli Tour.” Future travelers to the Havana inn may also get to see Sulli‘s autograph.

On the first day of “Sulli Tour,” Sulli visited Jose Marti’s birth home. As a Cuban National hero, Marti is famous for his revolutionary writing and politics, fighting for Cuba‘s independence from Spain. Next, she visited Mercado Agropecuario Estatal, a state-owned farmer’s market nearby.

For the second day, Sulli traveled to “Coche Mambi, near the Plaza Vieja” -- once an elegant presidential train. She reportedly did not visit the Havana Cathedral because “it‘s too popular with tourists.”

By Catherine Chung (cec82@heraldcorp.com)