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'Swindlers' takes box office for second straight weekend

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Updated : December 04 2017

The domestic crime film "The Swindlers" topped the box office for the second straight weekend, data showed on Monday.

The film starring Hyunbin and Yoo Ji-tae led all films, selling 670,866 tickets from Friday to Sunday, according to estimates from the Korean Film Council. It has been on top of the daily box office chart since it opened on Nov. 22 and surpassed 3 million in cumulative attendance as of 9 a.m. Monday.

The movie revolves around a team of scam artists and a corrupt prosecutor teaming up to track down a notorious swindler for their own purposes.

A still cut from "The Swindlers," released by Showbox (Yonhap)

Korean mystery-thriller "Forgotten" held in second place with 395,718 views on its first weekend.

Directed by Jang Hang-jun, the movie starring Kim Mu-yeol and Kang Ha-neul is about a man who loses his memory after being kidnapped and his younger brother who tries to find out the truth about the kidnapping.

Two other new releases, Kenneth Branagh's stylish remake of "Murder on the Orient Express" and the local crime thriller "The Chase" landed at third and fourth with 332,611 and 171,537 views, respectively.

Warner Bros.-DC Entertainment's "Justice League" was in fifth with 55,661 people, bringing it to a 1.75 million domestic total on its third weekend. (Yonhap)

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