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[V Report] Lee Dong-wook tells fans about his jinxes

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Updated : October 13 2017

Broadcast Date: Oct. 12

Starring: Lee Dong-wook. Wheesung, SF9

Lee Dong-wook

(Naver V app)

Lee Dong-wook talked about episodes of bad luck via the Naver V app while communicating with listeners of his radio broadcast “Lee Dong-wook’s On the Air” on Thursday.

After reading a viewer’s comment about how something bad happens whenever she wears pink slacks, Lee said, “If my hair doesn’t look right before a shoot, I feel like everything will get tangled up that day. So I try to be calmer on such days.”

“I used to have nightmares the night before shooting the first episode of a new project. Also, I once dreamed that everyone in the world was pointing fingers at me, blaming me for my bad acting, for five consecutive times in a week.”

Lee then offered advice, saying jinxes are somewhat created by ourselves.

During the broadcast, Lee also expressed his gratitude to fans who attended Paris Fashion Week to catch a glimpse of him.

“There were about 150 to 200 fans there who came to see me, and I saw the attitude of reporters changing, asking me to pose in front of the camera and so on. I think they had just thought of me as an Asian actor when I first entered the red carpet,” said Lee.


(Naver V app)

Singer Wheesung talked about plans for his comeback slated for Oct. 23 via the Naver V app Thursday.

Sharing that he had visited the US and Africa for shoots for his new album, the singer said, “You won’t get to see me on music programs because of the recent media strike, but there’s nothing I can do about that.”

“I will keep promoting my music until my energy runs out. I won’t stop even if my body breaks down,” he added.

Wheesung, who established his own independent label Realslow, is also set to feature in an upcoming musical, “All Shook Up.”

“I have to manage a lot of things together by myself (because of such schedules),” he said.


(Naver V app)

After about six months of hiatus, nine-piece K-pop band SF9 held a showcase for its third EP “Knights of the Sun,” which was broadcast via the Naver V app Thursday evening.

After the performance, the group’s members started sharing what they had been up to recently, starting with Hwiyoung.

Hwiyoung shared that he had been studying and pursuing his individual career, emphasizing that he was busy practicing rapping. Jaeyoon mentioned he had been featured in the drama theme song for
“Lingerie Girls’ Generation,” adding “I was glad to keep using my voice even during the hiatus.”

SF9’s new single “O Sole Mio” is about love as passionate as the glaring sun, characterized by rhythmical Latin-pop sounds.

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