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[Album review] GOT7’s ‘7 for 7’ extension of JJ Project’s ‘Verse 2’

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Updated : October 12 2017

“7 for 7”
Genie Music

(Genie Music)

With the arrival of a chill in the air and leaves changing color, GOT7 has returned with an introspective album that stirs listeners’ emotions. Led by the group’s frontman JB -- who is also one half of the duo JJ Project alongside Jinyoung -- GOT7’s seventh EP will be a perfect companion for a nice autumn walk under the azure sky.

Although the EP seems to diverge from the group’s previous hard-hitting singles, it somehow resembles the sonic path of JJ Project’s latest EP “Verse 2,” in which the two 20-somethings reflected on their past and raised questions about their uncertain future by crooning “Is it this way? Or that way? My decisions are getting scary.”

And the mellow ambience also pervades “You Are,” the lead track composed and written by JB. Percussive rhythms throughout the song are blended into the members’ harmonious vocals that soar high in the chorus, bringing listeners close to an imaginary universe.

Tracks such as “Moon U,” “Teenager,” “Firework” and “Remember You,” which credit the other bandmates as both lyricists and composers, are also woven into the big tapestry of “instability,” an overarching theme of “7 for 7.”

JB’s JJ Project career is having considerable influence on GOT7’s musical path, JB recently told the media, which is natural considering the band leader’s musical contributions within the group. Whether GOT7 will continue to follow in the footsteps of JJ Project, which the members quoted as the root of the seven-piece group, is still in question. One thing for sure is that GOT7 and JJ Project will evolve linked together, whether intended or not. The two groups will do well to strike a balance between the crossing of paths and each group’s originality.

By Hong Dam-young (

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