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[V Report Plus] Ryu Jun-yeol campaigns for suicide prevention

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Updated : September 14 2017

(Naver V app)

Actor Ryu Jun-yeol talked about his role as a suicide prevention ambassador via Naver’s V app Thursday.

Ryu held the broadcast shortly after receiving an award from the Ministry of Health and Welfare for his contributions to its suicide prevention campaign as an official ambassador.

“All I did was to just introduce the campaign, and I think the award should go to all of you who participated in the campaign,” he said.

Ryu then shared what he felt from participating in the campaign, saying, “Taking part in the campaign programs, such as a letter-reading session by bereaved families, I came to think it (suicide) is something that can happen to our family and friends, an issue that requires more attention from us.”

Ryu wrapped up the broadcast by once again calling for heightened awareness of the issue.

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