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[V Report] Twice shines in Jeju

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Updated : September 14 2017

Broadcast date: Sept. 13
Starring: Twice, DIA, HyunA


(Naver V app)
Twice on Wednesday shared behind-the-scenes footage of a shoot in Jeju Island for a photo book.

Preorders for the photo book “Twicezine” have been open since Sept. 4. The newly released V video allowed a glimpse at pages in the book.

Twice appeared to have a great time shooting in the island’s turquoise waters.

The members attempted to throw one another into the sea and sipped on fresh orange juice while dressed in tropical outfits.

Mina had a hard time keeping her eyes open in the blinding sunlight.

“This is hereditary, from my dad’s side,” said Mina. “I wish there would be transparent lenses that have sunglass-like features soon.”

Twice posed for photos in the sea, jumping on the beach and linking arms while standing in the waves.

The book is expected to be released on Oct. 11.


(Naver V app)
DIA on Wednesday aired the “Happy DIA Day” video on V as a teaser for its upcoming second-anniversary fan event.

DIA debuted on Sept. 15, 2015 with the full-length EP “Do It Amazing.” To mark the occasion, the group will air a live show from its fan meeting at 7:10 p.m. on Thursday.

“The requirement for you is to bring your pretty hearts for DIA’s second anniversary and Jenny’s birthday,” said Yebin. Jenny’s birthday falls on Sept. 14.

DIA announced the fans who are invited to the event by pulling out notes with their names from a big box.


(Naver V app)
HyunA on Wednesday demonstrated how she puts on makeup on V.

“I noticed my fans were very curious about my makeup. I’ve seen people do videos of my makeup on YouTube,” said HyunA. “I thought there must be areas where I can be of help.”

HyunA said she does not put on any makeup in her daily life and that there is a professional artist who helps her whenever she has TV activities.

The artist was invited to the V show to apply makeup on HyunA.

The makeup items HyunA chose to wear on the day were all from Dior, as the singer is a model for the brand in Korea.

HyunA and her makeup artist chatted while they tried out different looks.

“I used to be obsessed over red lips,” HyunA said. She would paint her lips red no matter what clothes she was going to wear on the day. “We used to disagree over this, when I didn’t understand that she wanted me to try on as many looks as possible.”

The two introduced daily makeup looks and contouring tips.

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