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[V Report Plus] Sunny writes love song with Henry

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Updated : September 13 2017

(Naver V app)

In a broadcast aired Wednesday on Naver’s V app, SNSD’s Sunny and singer Henry wrote a song together.

Sunny made a guest appearance on Henry’s “Snowball Project,” in which he invites other musicians to collaborate on new songs.

The broadcast began with a conversation on the topic of romance.

They thought of romantic phrases that a couple would tell each other and put those into the song’s lyrics.

“The resulting lyrics were actually so good. Things that we casually brought up in conversation actually ended up as great lyrics,” said Sunny.

Sunny and Henry then sang the song in a recording session.

Sunny said the true feelings of a couple in love should be conveyed through the song, and suggested they hold hands while singing.

The two were satisfied with the recording. “The chemistry between Henry and I is nonexistent in reality, but while recording the song, we had pretty good chemistry,” said Sunny.

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