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[V Report Plus] Sejeong on ending ‘School 2017’

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Updated : September 12 2017

(Naver V app)
Gugudan’s Sejeong appeared on V on Tuesday to offer her thoughts on the recently culminated TV drama “School 2017”

“It’s been an especially hot summer. I’m happy that I was able to spend it with ‘School 2017,’” Sejeong said. She played the female lead, Eunho, on the show.

“As this was my first time really challenging myself with acting, every moment had been a learning occasion. I have to thank the director, staff and seniors in the acting scene for patiently showing me the ropes.”

“I will never forget Eunho’s happiness. I was able to dream once again through Eunho and look back on myself through Eunho’s experiences,” Sejeong said.

“Please always remember Eunho,” Sejeong urged as she wrapped up the video.

The coming-of-age TV show “School 2017” aired on KBS between July and early September.

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