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Kang Ha-neul, latest star to join military

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Updated : September 11 2017

Putting oddly-timed rumors of a romantic relationship with IU behind him, Kang Ha-neul enlisted today to begin his mandatory military service.

All able-bodied Korean men are required to serve in the military for around two years, with some being allowed to serve in non-combat positions.

Here is a list of actors and K-pop stars who enlisted or are slated to enlist this year.

1. Kang Ha-neul

(SEM Company)

The 27-year-old actor entered the Nonsan Army Training Center on Monday, slated to serve in the military police of the Capital Defense Command after completing his basic training.

Kang made a name for himself with TV successes like 2014 dramas “The Heirs” and “Misaeng.” He also starred in “Dongju: The Portrait of a Poet,” a critically-acclaimed low-budget film released last year.

2. Lee Min-ho

(MYM Entertainment)

The “Boys Over Flowers” star commenced his service in May, having been accepted to serve as a public service worker.

Lee‘s enlistment was widely expected, as the actor is nearly 30. In Korea, the upper age limit for mandatory military duties is 37, but most men finish their services in their 20s.

3. Joo Won

(Huayi Brothers)

Best known for his roles in hit TV dramas, Joo Won is another star who joined the military in May.

Having surged to stardom with appearances in works like “Bridal Mask” and “Good Doctor,” the actor was dispatched as an assistant instructor for the 3rd Infantry Division Recruit Training Center in June.

4. Kyuhyun

(S.M. Entertainment)

May was a woeful month indeed for K-pop fans.

K-pop star Kyunhyun became the last member of Super Junior to enlist in the military.

Having built a reputation both as a singer and TV celebrity, he will wrap up his military duties as public service worker in 2019.

5. T.O.P.


Although Big Bang rapper’s military service is less than seven months old, it has been a volatile one indeed.

He was recently kicked out of his original duties as a conscripted policeman for smoking marijuana in the past -- which is illegal in Korea.

He will finish his mandatary services as a public service worker.

6. Kim Soo-hyun -- maybe

(CJ E&M)

Actor Kim Soo-hyun had originally pledged to enlist this year, but his plans may change due to his recent disaster of a movie “Real.”

The flick was a commercial and critical flop, and the actor in June told local media that he wanted one last gig before beginning his services.


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