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[V Report Plus] What’s inside Blanc & Eclare’s store in Manhattan?

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Updated : September 11 2017

(Naver V app)
Former Girls’ Generation member Jessica took her fans to a virtual tour to her brand Black & Eclare’s flagship store in Soho, New York, in a live broadcast held via Naver’s V app Sunday.

The singer threw a party and album signing event at the store in celebration of her 10th anniversary.

Amber of girl group f(x) and model Irene Kim joined the party as surprise guests and showed off their close friendship with the brand’s creative director. “She’s our favorite person in the world,” Irene said.

“In Blanc & Eclare, the A is actually for Amber,” Amber said. “The N is for N in my Irene, and the E, and R,” Irene said.

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