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Fans say Sunmi resembles makeup artist Risabae

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Updated : August 29 2017

Sunmi (top) and Risabae (Makeus Entertainment/ Risabae's Youtube)
Former Wonder Girls member Sunmi recently released her new album “Gashina,” which is her first solo work since the disbandment of Wonder Girls.

After the release on Aug. 22, many fans said that the singer resembles popular makeup artist Risabae.

“They look like twins!” commented one fan online. Another said, “I thought Risabae did Sunmi’s makeup.”

Risabae, a popular makeup artist in Korea, has nearly a million followers on YouTube. Her videos have drawn more than 100 million views. She is also part of the regular panel of OnStyle’s beauty show “Get It Beauty.”

Check out Risabae’s makeup look inspired by Sunmi here:

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