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[V Report Plus] Song Joong-ki promotes Korean men’s beauty

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Updated : August 24 2017

(Naver V app)
Korean beauty editor Hwang Min-young introduced his book on men’s beauty, for which he worked with actor Song Joong-ki, in a live broadcast held via Naver’s V app Wednesday.

“As the first male beauty editor (in Korea), I had many good opportunities,” he said. “Publishing a book with Song Joong-ki was one of them.”

The book, which talks about skin care tips for men, was first published in 2010. “It is not a promotion for the book because it’s out of print now,” Hwang said.

“Back then in 2010, there was some talk of the market for men’s beauty growing, but even until now it doesn’t seem to have been realized,” he said. “There must be many reasons, but I guess that’s mostly because men don’t like the tiresome steps (of skin care).”

During the broadcast, he introduced beauty products men can use conveniently and shared some beauty tips.

Hwang, a former beauty editor for local fashion and beauty magazines Nylon and Allure, also appeared as a supporting host for OnStyle’s beauty show “Get It Beauty.”

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