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‘Sibling groups’ of Infinite, AOA and other K-pop acts

  • Published : Aug 22, 2017 - 13:19
  • Updated : Aug 22, 2017 - 13:19

AOA‘s agency FNC Entertainment on Tuesday revealed the first member of its yet-to-be-named new girl group.

The concept photo of “Yuju” was uploaded on the company’s official page at midnight.

“Members of the new group consist of trainees who have boasted various skills before debut,” FNC said.

FNC has been promoting the group as a “sister group” of AOA, a strategy that several K-pop agencies have adopted. It implies that the know-how of fostering a K-pop act has been applied in bringing up the new group, while having the effect of relating the still obscure name of the group with that of an established boyband or girl group.

Like FNC, Woolim Entertainment is promoting its new boyband Golden Child as younger brother of boyband Infinite.

They are “brother groups” in a literal sense, too, as Infinite member Seungyeol‘s younger brother Daeyeol is a member of the new group.

B1A4’s agency WM Entertainment is another company that hopes to tack on a fledgling group to an already-popular one.

On Aug. 2, ONF debuted with its EP “ON/OFF,” saying it is a younger sibling group of B1A4.

Late Tuesday, 10-member girl group Good Day will hold a debut showcase in front of the press.

The group says it is a sister group of K-pop star Jung Joon-young.

Photo credit: FNC Entertainment